13 Unique Ways to get your Wedding Lehenga Photographed


The most memorable day of your life is here to sweep you off your feet, your D-Day is approaching with heaps and bundles of joy, happiness and sheer magic. We know your excitement knows no bounds yet in this wake of preparation and heavy research, do not forget to equally treat your bridal trousseau. When booking a photographer to capture the treasured moments in your wedding album, do not avoid your gorgeous bridal lehenga to be clicked solo or get goofy! Whatever your choice, keep it sassy and funky to reminisce all these saccharine memories even when its’ been a while since your wedding. Here, we bring to you 13 unique ways on how to get your bridal lehenga clicked so as to reflect your aura throughout.

Solid Backgrounds

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

Elevate the charm of your stunning bridal lehenga that you invested on after a whole lot damn research and customised it to fit into your criterion of pretty-looking.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

We recommend you to go with this safest yet elegant way of photographing your wedding lehenga against solid backgrounds, be it the headboard of your fancy hotel room bed or a rustic wall in the neighbourhood with a bright solid door, nothing can beat the essence of such storytelling backgrounds that add a compelling effect to your mesmerizing lehengas.

Up Above the Sky

Image Courtesy: Nitish Arora Weddings

Let your bridal trousseau get some fresh air before it sets those envious eyes to fire on your wedding day. Getting your bridal lehenga clicked out in the open is perhaps the most creative yet fascinating idea hitting the bull’s eye because who doesn’t love the dramatically flying dupatta in the windy air, lehenga sitting atop on a tree perched with birds and blooming flowers to set your dreams wild and free, most apt for free-spirited souls. You can let your lehenga hang on a fort through the hanger and get it clicked while swarming birds have their moment in open blue skies. On another note, destination weddings generally have such picturesque places to get your candid clicked with the lehenga while you immerse in yoga and your lehenga sits atop the tree or simply do some goofy shenanigans for irresistible clicks.

Image Courtesy: WeddingNama

Image Courtesy: WeddingNama

On another note, destination weddings generally have such picturesque places to get your candid clicked with the lehenga while you immerse in yoga and your lehenga sits atop the tree or simply do some goofy shenanigans for irresistible clicks.

Concept Shoot

Image Courtesy: WeddingNama

This one requires a little brainstorming before the photo-shoot because it might seem easy peasy but trust us, photographers ain’t no magicians! We are here to give you a few suggestions like you can put your lehenga in a bell trolley at the hotel and slide it wearing your robe to get dressed in killer bridal avatar.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

You may also carry your bridal lehenga on the porch in your regular robe and get it clicked while you’re on the way to witness the wand spell a cast on you.


Image Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

There’s a thing about candids, you don’t need to pose or thoughtfully plan your shoot, furthermore, they look natural and results are oh-so-breath-taking, we bet. Taking for instance this bride in picture casually browsing on her phone while her bridal lehenga poses on the bed, this stunning portrait went viral on the net for a reason because brides have a special connection with their bridal trousseau and it captures the very essence naturally without any made-up expression or OTT effects.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Twinkles

Another one featuring the bride nonchalantly admiring her bridal lehenga hanging at the balcony right opposite to hers, such a heart-warming moment, photographers should freeze them into pictures and know what to capture and how. Just a point you can perhaps discuss with your photographers when shortlisting the perfect one for your dreamy wedding.

Natural Habitat

Image Courtesy: Morvii Images

Sometimes your lehenga needs a peaceful sanctuary to channel its beauty, why not take it to the porch and let it hang in there till you capture the bridal ensemble with eyes of an eagle.

Image Courtesy: WeddingNama

Backdrops incorporating landscape-like views with boats on the shore of a river or wooden panels with palms shadowing the habitat, you know you’re going to slay that bridal lehenga shot.

Amidst Décor

Still searching for a perfect place to get your outfit clicked? Keep your worries at bay because this is the solid proof solution for your bridal lehenga portrait. Hang it amidst the beautiful décor specially done up for your mehendi or sangeet and let it steal the show!

With such vibrant hued accents, cool and creative décor, your lehenga will certainly pull off a great show!

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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