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As the sun gloriously rises over the Indian Ocean on Friday, April 14th, 2017, India will wake up to perhaps its most festive day of the year. This beautiful, vibrant land, home to  arguably the oldest civilization in the world and an ancient culture that has perhaps been among the most influential in the world, will see its people in the North, East, North east and South celebrate their respective New Years. For this country with its 29 states and 7 union territories and population of 1.2 billion, with languages, sub-cultures, customs and traditions that are as diverse as they come as one moves from the north to the south, this is no small feat. And then, there are days like this- when the Bengalis of West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, Manipur and Tripura celebrate Pohela Boishakh, the Tamils in the South celebrate Puthandu, the Malayalis from the southern state of Kerala celebrate Vishu and the Punjabi Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi, which is both their New Year and harvest festival. 
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For the immigrant that lives thousands of miles away from home, festival days evoke a great longing and wistfulness for the past. Festivals are reminders of good times with family and friends back home and of cherished family customs and traditions. But the beauty of  immigrant life is that just as easily as we integrate and assimilate the culture of our adopted lands into our own, we also reserve a great love and respect for the time honored traditions that we grow up with. For most non resident Indians, passing on their indigenous culture to their children is of paramount importance and they leave no stone unturned to ensure that their children grow up aware of their roots and with an appreciation of our great cultural heritage. 
The celebration of Indian festivals in the USA are often a great cultural commingling of sorts because we combine the best of our two worlds in our celebrations and call upon our friends from all ethnic backgrounds and walks of life to be a part of our festivities.Pohela Boishakh, Vishu, Puthandu and Vaisakhi are all celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto here in the US, both as private celebrations at home and also by way of elaborate festivities organized by the respective local cultural associations. These are wonderful occasions for communities to come together, rejoice and celebrate their ethnic identities and cultures, a great opportunity to make new friends and to foster cultural pride in the young ones. These occasions are also an opportunity to realize how blessed we are to live in a land that respects and celebrates diversity and where we are free to be who we are and pursue the American dream just like everybody else. 
We at Pure Elegance wish all of you a happy and blessed new year; Subho Noboborsho, Vishu Ashamsakal, Poothandu Vazhthukkal and Baisakhi di Vadhaiyan. Enjoy the celebrations with friends and family!

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