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Anatomy of Interracial Marriages Decoded

Marriages are a beautiful and pious thread of relationship between the two souls who come together with a promise to stand by each other forever. A platonic and unconditional melange of unflinching support, love, and a lifelong partnership. However, the institute of marriage isn’t always a bed of roses and comes with its own share of thorns too. This might be best explained in case of interracial marriages, which are apparently a taboo in the remote areas of several countries, especially the developing and under-developed. India is one such secular land of biased divides that rules out the possibilities of interracial relationships. Advocating the destruction of a lineage, cross-cultural relationships and marriages are absolutely intolerant in many places across the globe.

After having studied and witnessed real-time examples of people, peeping an eye in their personal affairs, it’s quite explanatory that couples often come together to embrace the freshness and beauty of different culture. Thanks to globalization that different races are willing to mate and successfully raise generations of skilled and open-minded people. It is true that back in the times when Africans were treated as slaves and bore the tortures by the hands of Germans, British and American due to racism, they were regarded as the most oppressed class. However, with time, their status quo improved and today, they are craved upon by women of German, British and American families. What we often fail to notice is the belief that we are cultivating with such beautiful cultural clans hugging the differences away. The ethnicity that come together bring along prompt synergies and growing richness in each other’s life through.

Learning and grasping the details of completely foreign culture, embracing in your life and understanding the core values will not only enrich your life both personally and spiritually but also instil similar feeling to your kids. There are several researchers who believe that interracial marriages have risen by 60% on an average and their divorce rate is much lesser as compared to the arranged marriages. One such successful interracial marriage is that of a Mumbai based Esmee Elvira who writes under her pen name “The Foreign bhabhi” on Quora and shares her uncanny story of a unique cross-cultural marriage.

Citing a funny incident of how her relatives find it strange for her to be married to their Indian son. The relatives initially mistook her to be a tourist and considered her husband to be her tour guide. Isn’t that totally hilarious? She further elaborates how a guy forced her to install the gas despite her turning down his plea. Call it the laborious manual duties or ownership of work. Either way, it pisses yet turns into humorous situations. Erina loves how she is being named as “The Foreign Bhabhi” and is learning Hindi loves to puddle in the rain and hates Indian summers which ironically used to be her favorite season back at home. Isn’t that fascinating? How cultures, countries, and customs teach us all to level up in the best possible ways.

The most important ingredient to make a relationship and marriage strong, and work is the spice of love and lots of respect for each other’s culture, ethnic differences, and values. What might be unethical for your family might be considered auspicious for your spouse’s culture, and it’s all about learning to diversify and grow your roots. Staying uprooted while balancing is the key to successful and tasteful interracial relationships. Demon stared-well by one such adorable relationship of a Malaysian-Chinese girl and Dutch boy.

As she highlights the sour side of her relationship, talking about arguments and conflict of thoughts, she says that no matter how severe the discussions might go, their bond never fails to fade away for they always end up respecting and accepting each other’s perspectives which is undoubtedly the happiest way to sustain any marriage. And no matter how much alienated you feel in a different culture and living in a different traditional environment, coming back home is always a pleasure.

Not to forget, science has proved that genes of different cultures are relatively more attractive, sharper, wiser and free-spirited souls as compared to the same-race mated offspring. This is the reason why Americans are accepting of different cultures as they have the majority of mixed babies in the world followed by dusky hued skin tones of Brazil.  The most beautiful races are created by the interracial marriages, and according to the research by the University of Edinburgh that states the kids are not only raised as smart, taller and better individuals, but they will be expected to take higher levels of education. Furthermore, their enhanced cognitive abilities and less vulnerable to diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases are other tempting reasons for you to indulge in relationships beyond the borders.

And before you get all excited by the pros of an interracial relationship, don’t forget to introspect yourself and look within to understand your views. If you feel that your partner’s lifestyle, language, and culture are a barrier to your decision, drop the idea and study your differences before you commit to one. Also, remember that defying stereotypes is more difficult than it sounds, so don’t go by the pre-conceived notions rather make your mind by beating all the odds. For example it is believed that black girls have a penchant for sex and are sexually inviting. This belief shall not work post marriage and cause friction to your togetherness. An interracial relationship is not a cheese and toast for your morning breakkie, it’s a wholesome grain effort of convincing and persuading your family and friends. It’s not about bringing each other close but bringing your families closer. To do this, you both have to invest individual efforts and influence to lead a happily-ever-after.

So, before you take this fundamental and indispensable decision is your life, count your blessing twice and put your heart on your sleeve to take the bets call. Consider all the positives and negatives vividly to balance your relationship well and lead a wonderful married life.

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