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New Year Gifts for your Loved Ones under $200

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Are you already splurging and taking notes on your stringent budgets? Well, we feel you, festivities can indeed put a hole in your pocket, however, we got you covered this special New Year season with our great collection of clothing, dresses, jewelry and all things jazzy. Keep your worries at bay and invest in precious earrings, choker necklace and trendy jewelry for women from the house of Amarpali, one of the most trusted names in jewellery space. So, are you ready to shop your heart out within your budget because we’re offering all things pretty and beautiful under $200. Let’s raid now:

Golden Uppad Saree

Starting with this uber-approved illuminated and oh-so-ethereal golden uppad sari to resonate exotic vibes. Gift this gorgeous sari to your closest friend, mother or even your sister because of its understated elegance and mellow luxe layover. Sheer sheath like appearance, its aesthetically rich and visually appealing what makes it a go-to clothing piece for any Indian woman. Easy to drape and comfortable to wear all day long, still need more reasons, buy and believe!

Star Geometric Cuff

Starry and chic, this highbrow street style accessory is a must-have for your fashionista friend who can’t resist to hold her temptation to invest in exquisite and unique pieces. Well, the craftsmanship of this intricately designed cuff is beyond words, elaborately detailed with silver and gold accents to steal the spotlight, this star geometric cuff holds a true special place in heart of the wearer, we’d bet.

Blue Printed Cowl Drapery Dress

Let your pretty sister feel pretty about herself in this stunning blue printed cowl drapery dress. An unconventional hue blended with a seamless abstract print adorning all-over, this statement cowl dress exudes casual chic vacation wear and screams holiday! Why not gift your special friend something so comfortable to carry around when she packs her bag for a sweet little beach holiday? We trust this dress will come handy!

Silver Dual Tone Flower Pearl Droplet Earrings

Make a special gesture to your daughter as you gift her these strikingly beautiful droplet earrings this New Year. Remind her of how precious and treasured she is for her little achievements and restore your faith in her as a friend, a comrade, a guide and mentor. These lavish dual tone flower petal droplet earrings reflect nonchalance and elevated glamour = which makes it perfect for young adults and teen girls to flaunt them around.

Onion Pink Embroidered Cotton Kurta with Pants

No matter how unconditional your bond is and how intimate you’re with your first-ever BFF- mom, this New Year’s, shower some pampering and love with this exquisitely designed onion pink embroidered kurta with matching pants. This designer piece is meticulously hand crafted and finely hand embroidered with subtle and delicate accents on the kurta to keep it classy, elegant and sensible just like your mom.

Black Embroidered Chiffon Pleated Blouse

To your confidant, faithful, 2 AM friend, nothing can be better than this fancy party black embroidered chiffon pleated blouse for this New Years. Pamper your alter-ego and gatecrash parties together as you weave some everlasting memories. This breath-taking blouse will be a sweet reminder of all your cheery times together. You won’t regret it, we bet, just invest in your friendship and gift her something as beautiful as her soul.

Silver Gold Plated Dholki Thread Necklace

Some things come announced and so should your presents, have you considered your grandmother yet? She might not be able to chug or hug you in times of adversity, yet her incessant love and blessings are always upon you. So, make her feel special and pay a grateful tribute to your adorable granny with this treasured dholki thread necklace. It will be passed on to her generations and therefore, come to you, so just another reason why you must invest in this precious gift!

Red and Pink Tussar Banarasi Silk Saree with Zari Pallu

This lethal combination of red and pink is going to be oh so huge in 2019, read more here. Gift this ornamented handloom saree with intricate details and gorgeous silhouette to your absolute favorite person. It can be your mom, sister, friend or even in-law. Dedicate this beauty to someone you look upto and confess how much they mean to you with its rich textile and elaborate details. This will indeed win hearts of the wearer and you shall rise up.

Amrapali Silver Gold Plated Pearl Bangle

Exclusively designed, elaborately detailed with a dash of elegance and dollops of style, this charming silver gold plated pearl bangle is one of the treasured pieces and much-coveted possessions. This New Years, gift yourself a little piece of accomplishment, achievement and let go of all the biases against you, make peace with your flaws and love yourself a little extra as you layer your special dress with this statement piece.

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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