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Reminiscing the Magical Heirloom Textile of Sindh & Kutch: Ajrakh

The graceful uniformity adorning the waltz of stunning indigo and madder handcrafted dyes spilling their mesmerizing aura on a standard three to four metres of Ajrakh print with beautiful minor imperfections that stealthily makes it one of the most unique and spectacular textiles of the Sindh traveled all the way to various geographies was lost somewhere in translation. While this iridescent art was first blended by the craftsmen in Sindh. It soon traveledĀ all the way to Kutch as a few weavers and artisans set on a journey of transformation. History and Origin The story of Ajrakh dates back to time immemorial when long long back, there used to be a King of Sindh. He was a royal connoisseur just like...

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