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13 Unique Ways to get your Wedding Lehenga Photographed

The most memorable day of your life is here to sweep you off your feet and to capture it perfectly, you need an army of talented photographers. Not just to capture you as a bride but your bridal lehenga, we got you covered with some unique yet fancy ways on how to click your bridal trousseau perfectly. Read more to know.

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Bridal Musings Across Ethnicity

Indian weddings are a celebration of the union of two families which is relished with huge fanfare across the country. With endless rituals and ceremonies to authentic traditional cuisine, elaborate decor and drama followed by the quintessential bridal trousseau. While Indian brides are extremely picky about their fashion choices and sartorial sarees, lehengas dominate their bridal check-list, jewelry and accessories play an indispensable role too. The wonderful melange of different ethnicity and cultural clans disperse the traditional garments in a different fashion. The buzzing trend of Big Indian Royal weddings has led to the brides being even more selective. The picturesque backwaters to colorful drapes of deserts and oriental beauty of Taj Mahal, it all reflects the sheer grace of our...

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