9 Blouse Design Trends will take 2019 by Storm

Spectacular blouse designs ranging from sexy backs to gorgeous prints, elevated necklines and drool-worthy cuts made our 2018 oh so blazing! Blouses so hot, why not pair them up with skirts, trousers or even pyjamas, you just can’t have a fashion statement sans statement blouses. Talk about cold shoulders, fringes, nude embossed, sheer blouses that will totally drive you into a shopping spree, here we will give you a sneak-peak of all the trending blouse designs that had their moment in ’18 and we shall see more of it in ’19 because all things sultry should make a history!

Partial Sheer Blouse

Don’t we want to just admire the very portrait of Deepika Padukone during a talk show wearing a scintillating saree and a partly sheer blouse to enhance her ethereal raw beauty. Well, the very essence of such sheer blouses is the true reflection of how sultry saris gained momentum in fashion industry while raising its visual appeal. We have spotted quite a good number of divas in this trend and needless to say, ditch that jewelry darling, your blouse is enough.

Applique Sheer Mix Blouse

Up your glamourous quotient with this exquisitely thought of applique sheer mix blouse variety to impress your significant other, draping a steamy flared sari. We bet you will raise eyebrows at a downtown club, no doubts about it. Let your sunny outing be as mesmerizing as those side glances appreciating your high fashion taste. Haute couture blouse to fancy your plain subtle saris or Indo-western pair ups.

Off Shoulder Blouse

Ever heard of off-shoulder banarasi blouses or rather seen it? We aren’t surprised if you haven’t, the highly sought after intricately tailored with precision, this stunning banarasi blouse with a color block feature exposes just the sexy skin of the wearer. Pair this drool-worthy piece with one of your old soul authentic silk sari to evoke a solid blend of East meets West. Featuring gold buti motifs all across pink brocade and red silk surface, our hearts skipped a beat.

Embroidered Encore Blouse

Embrace the symphony of a fully-embroidered embellished blouse that speaks of its unsurpassable allure. Style this statement conversation-starter with a frilled nude sari to flourish its luxe hue. Delicately decadent, this piece is surely going to win your heart. Bedazzle our friends and significant other as you step in to breathe life to a party and win hearts all the way. Read on how to revamp your saree with a statement blouse. 

Sweetheart Surplice Blouse

We have some blouses that echo tales of romance and others that evoke a passion, we got a perfect fit to match your fancy. This gorgeous head turner red surplice blouse offers a hint of milky décolletage while balancing its fervour with the apt length, we bet you have a surprise in store for your closed ones. This will surely win you some kind gestures.

Classic Southie

Channel the South Indian lady in you with our impeccably crafted cream buta embroidered blouse. Remember how our mothers have that one signature silk blouse that she keeps it for contingent purposes, because you know it’s that one classic blouse that goes well with all your silk kanjeevaram and banarasi saris. You just can’t level up its gracefulness.

Pastels and Frills

So you thought 2018 is enough pastels and all things sheer, well, 2019 will have a pastel moment because clearly women are not over yet another feminine trend: frills. Making a huge comeback in fashion era, frills are back with a bang and how. Making quite a tempting couplet with pastel, it’s surely going to be your go-to blouse for those gala evenings.

Backless Drama

Endearing days are here to come when you got to dress up to splash some fire, it’s that time of the year. Gift yourself this pretty attractive blue brocade sexy back blouse and amp up the drama instantly. Write some stories to back up your cascading oomph.

Graphic Prints

We do agree we have at least one pair of such graphic printed old school blouse that can be worn with an array of ensembles including a long twirl skirt, pair of trousers or even your basic mom’s sari. The charm of graphic prints has been evergreen, while 90’s kids will surely agree, we are now completely raging over the Indo bohemian fusion. Kalamkari blouse offer just that with extra sass, they spruce up your sari like no other.

Bandeau Bustier

We believe this 80’s pop trend has totally taken over the Indian outfits. Such stunning bandeau bustier blouses worn by experimental fashionistas and elaborately detailed to offer bling and sass at the same time. A perfect date night piece, this can also be teamed with your mini skirt during beachy days with your beau.

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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