A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear!


Haven't we all faced this every time we are looking for the perfect outfit?

A common dilemma most of us connect to is that we all have a closet full of clothes but can never find anything to wear when we need them. That can be pretty frustrating, which is never a good feeling, and can also reduce the confidence level for many!

However, not to worry as I am here to solve your problem with the few reasons why you might not be finding clothes to wear:

You have not defined your style yet

With rapid changes in the trend and style, it is typical for many not to have defined their style yet and just adjusted with the ongoing trend. For example, you might have bought a pair of skinny jeans that were really trendy at that time, but you are not comfortable with how you look in them. Although this keeps you up-to-date with the current fashion, you might feel that you do not have outfits that define your style when needed.
It would be helpful to take some time to think about what would represent your style the best way, and then you will find outfits in no time!

You have bought clothes without thinking of an outfit or occasion to wear them.

You went shopping with your favorite people, found some adorable blouses, skirts, or Kurtis, and bought them. Now you are getting ready for a birthday party and want to wear your new Kurti, but alas! You are unable to pair it with any of your leggings or dupattas!
It is essential to plan your shopping experience: Think of a pair of pants you have that would go well with the new blouse you are buying, think of an occasion where you could wear this outfit. This way, you will have a closet full of good clothes, which will save you from impulse buying, and, not to forget, you will save a lot of money! Who does not like that, right?
It would be helpful to you to have a few outfits for each occasion, even better if you can mix and match each item of clothing.


You have a cluttered closet.

Have you ever found your swimsuit sandwiched between two pairs of jeans? Or been unable to find that one cute top you have planned to wear with your skirt, so you just gave up and changed your whole outfit?
 We can often feel like we have many clothes but nothing to wear when we are just overwhelmed with the number of clothes piled up in our closet and are just not in the mood to dig for the perfect outfit. This is “closet chaos” and can make one extremely frustrated when getting ready or even avoiding going out.
Organize your closet however you feel comfortable. You can start by categorizing your suits, Kurtis, skirts, sarees, blouses, dupattas, delicates, and so on. You can even take it up a notch and color code each category! Another way to organize your closet is by building outfits. For example: Pick a saree, put it with all the blouses in your closet matching the saree, or hang a couple of Kurtis, leggings, and dupatta together or blouses and skirts as outfits, and so on. You can also categorize as per occasions like casual clothes, party wear, wedding events, etc.

This way, if you have a limited amount of time to get ready, you know where specific clothes are and do not have to go looking for them, which saves sufficient time for hair and make-up.


You have an overly packed closet.

Let’s say you have organized your closet, but now you have too little space left, and each item you take out is messing it up again! Nobody likes it when their hard work gets messed up.

Lucky for you, here is an easy way to solve this issue: pack up all clothes that are out of season and store them in your suitcase or any storage bin! You can keep only the seasoned clothes and the all-year-round clothes in your closet.
Another reason for having too many clothes may be that you are holding on to some of them, which you know you will no longer wear, either they do not fit your body or your lifestyle. You might be holding on to a gorgeous and expensive Anarkali, but you no longer fit it. Or you might have a cute pantsuit that you used to wear to work, but now you have started working from home and no longer wear it. Well, now is the time to work on these odd outfits. You can either alter them to fit you, pack and put them away with your out-of-season clothes, or make the hard decision and sell or donate them to society.

You have too many similar clothes.

Every time we go out, we typically try to have a new look or a different style than the last time. However, if you have too many clothes in the same design or style, you might feel like you have nothing to wear.

You might have too many florals, or Kanthas or Kalamkaris in similar designs, which looked unique and pretty to you at the time until you start getting ready and feel that you have worn this print one too many times. This brings us back to not having a proper shopping plan and impulsive buying. Also, if you have an organized closet, your clothes will be more visible to you every time you open them, and you will remember what prints or designs you already have while shopping.


Article By : Alokebarna Das

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