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All You Need is a Beautiful Georgette Banarasi Saree

There is no dearth of the variety and styles of Indian women's clothing! Some sarees are modern and contemporary pieces in line with the latest fashion while others are timeless designs which stay with us forever. A traditional Banarasi saree falls into the latter category which never loses its charm with time. This rich legacy of Banarasi textiles is a pride of India and one which every Indian woman desires to have in her ethnic closet. Sarees richly adorned with zari and brocade work in finest of designs fit every bit of the word royal. Banarasi saris are meant to make you like a royal Indian beauty at every occasion. Though traditionally sarees are made of woven silk, today a variety of other fabrics are also decorated with intricate Banarasi butas and designs. Banarasi georgette sarees have appeared as a winner for women who find it difficult to carry and maintain heavy Banarasi silk sarees. The sarees bring the flexibility of draping as per your body with the traditional beauty of Banarasi designs.

Black and Green Banarasi Georgette Saree

Exuding the ethereal charm of a classic black Banarasi saree is an Indian woman who looks as beautiful as the saree itself! The sari is gorgeous georgette Banarasi which drapes her perfectly. Decorated with green golden zari Benarasi border and intricate butas the saree looks absolutely spell-binding. The colorful tassels on the pallu further elaborate the design with a festive touch. It is paired with a stunningly embroidered green blouse making the saree all the more striking. The woman is carrying this Banarasi georgette saree with absolute ease, even on a casual day outing, which shows her confidence to carry Indian sarees anywhere. She is more than happy to don a traditional saree and flaunt the richness of her culture. This saree is a perfect and versatile drape for many occasions. Be it parties, family occasions or weddings you can pick it up blindfolded for a classy Indian look.

Black Georgette Banarasi Saree with Buta and Green Border

If you are a sucker for heritage textiles from India, then a traditional Banarasi georgette saree is what you definitely need in your wardrobe! In USA it can be a major task to find the right kind of Indian sarees to match your taste; you may spend time running from pillar to post but all in vain. Pure Elegance is the answer to all your Indian fashion woes; we bring you an exquisite range of Indian Banarasi sarees in USA in jaw-dropping designs. Not just Banarasi, we have a whole range of traditional Indian Kanchipuram saris, silk sarees, designer saris for every occasion. Just visit our store in the USA and have a look at the Indian women's clothing we have for you or explore our collection online for home delivery. We will be more than happy to serve you!

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