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Beauty by the River - Black and White Checker Linen Saree

The peaceful beauty of nature is spell-binding, it not only attracts attention with its tranquility but also inspires in many ways. When tired of the city hustle-bustle everyone looks to nature for a peace of mind and rejuvenation. The woman found a beautiful escape from the city chaos and spent some time playing by the river. Her ethereal Indian looks are a perfect contrast to the peaceful background which is indeed a beauty by the river! She is awestruck by the gurgling sound of the water, the chirping of the birds and cool breeze which she hardly experiences while living in the city. Playing with the water and trees her happiness knows no bounds!

Black and White Checker Linen Saree

She is no ordinary woman who settles for ordinary things, whatever she chooses to wear is a proud symbol of her Indianness, and here she wore a beautiful Indian sari unlike what anyone could imagine on a getaway! Her linen saree brings a subtle contrast to the surrounding greenery which makes her a striking vision. Light and breezy black and white checker linen saree draped in an effortless style is indeed fit to make her river getaway a comfortable one. Pairing with a contrasting floral print white blouse further adds a visual interest to the whole look. She is proud of her Indian roots so what could do better justice than some ethnic jewelry! Wearing a pair of beautiful silver hoop earrings and a silver dholki necklace she added just the right touch of tradition to her entire look. She is a woman who believes in keeping her looks simple yet striking, so she added some color to her monochrome Indian saree with a bright red lip color and a big round blue bindi. The kajal in her beautiful eyes makes them deep as the river itself. Loose hair makes her a natural beauty which blends beautifully with nature; one can fall short of words by this beauty by the river!

Black and White Linen Sari

Linen sarees are a casual yet stylish statement for outings and private affairs! They make a comfortable wear for a long day out and give a perfect easy-breezy vibe to your Indian look. Linen saris are available in many styles from casual to semi-formal and formal which makes them a fit choice for summer occasions. If a formal event calls for, then you can wear the same black and white checker linen sari with heavy silver earrings, a stack of silver bangles, colorful mirror work blouse and potli clutch to finish off your beautiful look. Find yourself beautiful linen sarees in USA at Pure Elegance store or shop online at the comfort of your home and wear with elan to stand out amongst all!

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