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Best Bridesmaid Outfit Inspirations for this wedding season

Indian weddings are filled with lots of colors and different kinds of rituals. You, as a bridesmaid, need to be ready for each and everything coming up your way. Be it the brides make-up or any go-to support system for her. Hence, your dress has be a no-hassle one in order to run errands and get into the party shoes effortlessly. A bridesmaid’s dress is as important as the brides itself. You are going to be counted in the frame where the bride needs the woman of her life, those people who made the event a success for her. So, your outfit should be equally awe-inspiring and absolutely match the theme.

The bridesmaid usually wears the same kind of attire, but to add to the essence of the party, you could try something contrasting or something which belongs to the same colour with a different styling. The bridesmaid of honor and the best man are the two most important traditional roles that the assigned person has to play throughout the wedding ceremony.

These days, bridesmaids experiment a lot with their looks and try different ways of styling the simple drapes. Dhoti saree or jeans saree is in trend these days and we love how young girls drape the cape blouses with almost anything. From lehengas to sarees, cape blouses add the wow factor, upping your elegance with a dollop of grace through minimal accessories and statement jewels. Going nude or smoking hot is what bridesmaids should keep in mind before stroking shades of art. 

If you are going to wear the timeless beautiful saree as a bridesmaid outfit, then you need to make sure that you are able to handle it with care and extreme precision. For a first-timer, saree might be a difficult ensemble to carry. Saree can be worn in many ways, and in a country like India, which is inspired by so many cultures and traditions, you don’t have to worry. Choose the color you would like to coordinate and don the gorgeous nine yards of joy on the wedding ceremony. Once you have decided the color, try to focus on everyone’s comfort level. If someone’s not comfortable wearing the saree, then how will you able to make your beautiful bride friend feel good and equally devoted. In a wedding ceremony, every woman wants to look astonishing.


Choosing the kind of outfit you feel comfortable for yourself and coordinate it with the other bridesmaids. It is not necessary to wear the same outfit. You might want to create that unconventional statement and be the showstopper of the gala soiree, make sure you drape your saree or any outfit perfectly in order to avoid any malfunction. Now, if saree is the one outfit, that suits each one, then to add a little perk, wear same color but different shades. It looks incredibly glorious and enhances the beauty of the frame, with the bride. Once you choose the shades and embrace the latest trending ombre style, you might want to focus on the type of saree you want to wear. You might want to drape the saree like a Bengali bride, or the Maharashtrian bride.This is totally upto your discretion, however, being comfortable and able to walk in elan is the key to turn heads at the event. Trends like cold shoulder blouse, off shoulder blouse, plunging necklines, contrasting colored outfits, indo-fusion ensembles are on a rage. A beautiful blouse design and a saree goes perfectly and looks alluring for the wedding ceremony.

A bridesmaid can wear as light make-up as she feels comfortable or she could also wear a heavy make-up in light shade. All depends on the type of theme of the wear, the bride is going to choose. It is really a wonderful experience and also a memorable moment in your life as well as your friend’s life. However, to be honest, the bride’s to-be’s bestie’s enjoy an innumerable amount of moments together that even missing important calls for your bestie, will not be a problem.

Coming to the glitter and glam of your wear, it is best to keep it simple, so that the bride gets the maximum attention, after all, she is your best friend. However, you can tie your hair in a breath-taking bun or adorn a formidable embellished floral headband. To complete the look, a pair of stunning earrings on your captivating saree is enough to let them drool over you.


 In addition to the saree, if you do not like contrasting different parts of the country in different shades, then you could also go for something which is extremely western. To wear a designer gown as a bridesmaid is common but to wear it ‘out-of-cliche-style’ is something, that is a rennaissance of designer haute couture!

Speaking of the bohemian, indo-fusion style which is buzzing these days, a pair of crop top with ethnic shades and long skirt goes perfectly well on a bridesmaid. It looks like a lehenga, which is a go-to for bridesmaid, but we are not entering the lavishing-look, just by keeping it heavy bordered chiffon wear. A striped crop top and the floral printed skirt is just the right wear to your best-friend’s wedding. This kind of light-weight and bewildering outfit, is just the right quote of styling.

To add up on jewelleries, a pair of statement long danglers would make you a stand out. Let your hair open, but wait do a middle part and keep the length straight and flowy. Don’t forget the tiny little bag, you might want to carry for all your essentials as well. Not only the brides needs to look the best, but also the best friend. If you are a big fan of ethnic and can’t go with just a pair of earrings, then a pair of heavy maang-tikka can also be your pick for this gorgeous outfit. 

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