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Blue Kanjivaram Silk Saree- An Extraordinary Drape for Indian Style

Indian women and their love for sarees is centuries old story! The most treasured item of an ethnic closet has to be a saree. While every Indian woman looks absolutely divine in her beautiful handloom saree, a bit of styling can make a lot of difference to a simple saree look. Every occasion demands a different kind of Indian saree, like embroidered designer sarees, are a great pick for weddings and parties, traditional silk sarees are a versatile choice for festivals, weddings, and special occasions, Kanchipuram silk sarees make an ethereal choice for weddings and festive occasions; these are just to name a few. Depending on your choice and taste you can pick a saree and turn yourself into a beautiful vision. But there is no denying Kanjeevaram saree is the queen of all sarees! The sarees are out and out immersed in rich zari work in splendid designs. It is difficult to take your eyes off an Indian woman who is draped in a traditional Kanchipuram sari.

Royal Blue Kanchipuram Silk Saree with Temple Design

When it comes to styling a Kanjeevaram silk saree one can go for either a heavily adorned look for weddings or a simple look with few traditional touches here and there. The young generation of women likes to keep it simple yet stylish whether they are choosing a traditional drape or a designer saree. They love to play with finishing touches like statement Indian jewelry, blouses, different hairdos or maybe just accessories. The idea behind simple styling is that one should own the saree and not the saree should own them. Look at this beautiful Indian woman who is an ethereal vision in this rich royal blue Kanchipuram silk saree! The saree in itself is sufficient to elevate a woman’s traditional style. Beautifully decorated with zari elephant motifs and temple design this saree is sure to make everyone’s head turn. It is paired with a modest design beige embroidered saree blouse which further adds design interest to this extraordinary saree. Since the saree is so lavish her styling is relatively low-key which makes it all the more striking. The finishing touches include hand accessories, stud earrings, a low-knot bun with gajra and a bindi to round off her gorgeous Indian look. She is creating a magnificent contrast to the stone monument background. The simplicity of the styling makes this heavy saree a perfect wear for festivals, puja, and special occasions.

Royal Blue Kanchipuram Silk Saree with Beige Saree Blouse

So a Kanjivaram saree is not just meant for big occasions like weddings and heavy styling. You can make a heavy Kanchipuram saree your own on every occasion with simple styling tips. Find your favorite traditional Indian sarees in USA at Pure Elegance Indian clothing store. We have a range of exclusively curated Kanchipuram sarees, Silk Sarees, Banarasi saris and much more in appealing designs for your wardrobe. Shop online or visit our store in USA for an enjoyable shopping experience!


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