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Breakfast at Pure Elegance : The Pure Elegance Site wide Semi Annual sale is here !

Happy girls are the prettiest – as was famously said by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And happy girls all shop at Tiffany’s - the iconic premium jewellery store where Audrey’s Holly Golightly from the same movie, feels calm – like nothing bad could happen to her.

Well, guess what – happiness has another address. Not that we think you don’t know of it but in the chaos of daily life, sometimes one forgets. At Pure Elegance nothing can go wrong on your search for beautiful, comfortable and flattering Indian Ethnic Wear.

This is your go-to designer pret store in the US where Indian aesthetics met modern style sensibilities to create both dreamy Indian Ethnic festive outfits as well as beautiful but practical Indian Ethnic clothing to suit every taste and all occasions.

Need more to make you happy? Viola!

All you need to do is ask!

And here it is – The Pure Elegance Semi Annual Sale!

Yes! The wait is over.

We love to make our customers smile and yes it makes us proud and happy to make that smile even happier!

For the woman who desires Indian Ethnic elegance to flatter her beauty Pure Elegance is the Tifanny’s she can come to anytime she likes. Whether you are an Indian American looking to fulfil your desire for dreamy Indian ethnic wear, or a non-Indian deeply attracted to Indian values and aesthetics who loves to wear and shop beautifully crafted Indian wear, this is where you should be this week from Tuesday to Sunday.

Pure Elegance celebrates the 5th edition of its highly awaited Semi-Annual Sale. For us at Pure Elegance Indian Ethnic wear is not just a business, it is our passion and as has become an annual ritual, we make our customers an offer too hard to resist.


You can either walk into our stores and pick out from our exhaustive range of Indian Ethnic Wear including sarees, salwar kameezes,blouses and skirt sets, or you can visit our online store and avail a 25% discount that can fuel your Indian Ethnic desires to your heart’s content.

 The Pure Elegance Semi – Annual sale is a chance for you to indulge in all your Indian wear wardrobe dreams and we leave no stone unturned to help you find just the color, style, silhouette, fabric and embellishment that you seek to wear to enhance your grace.

Whether you are looking for the most authentic Kanjivarams and Banarasi sarees or your wardrobe has been begging the addition of a modern style Lace saree or a saree gown – we have everything here.

You can also pick from a wide and exhaustive range of wedding lehengas, saree blouses suits and other clothing at a 25% discount. All our in-stock clothing is available at this discount offering you an unmatched value. The offer applies across the store on clothing items in stock excluding bespoke items, jewellery and accessories.

Want to sample some of the glimpses of this glam collection?

Read on.



Silk Patola Sarees: Find rich patolas in pure silk, with elegant motifs of woven sarees added with finesse. A plain border adds a rustic edge making this collection a must have for a timeless Indian Ethnic wardrobe.


Silk Patola Anarkali: This collection features Silk Patola Anarkali's that kiss the floor elegantly as you swish in all your feminine grace. Easy to wear and carry- this unique combination of the Anarkali silhoutte and the original patola magic will sure launch more than just a few envious second glances. Visit our suit section now.



Exquisite Banarsis in jewel colors : Another must have addition to all ladies whose love for an authentic banarsi saree will has no match. This modern take on the traditional banarsi weave is as versatile as it is eye catching. Come visit our collection of banarsi sarees for more picks.


Maheshwari Silk: Nothing can beat the ethereal grace of a silk maheshwari when it comes to picking the right ensemble for a formal or semi formal do - or an event. This collection features a wide range and the pastel number featured here is just to give you a taste of what you will miss if you don't rush to the Pure Elegance Annual Semi Sale, right now?Hurry before we run out of the goodies !

Silk weave with kalamkari blouse: Our silk sarees have an enviable companion - the Kalamkari blouse. Nothing bring out the beauty of deep jewel colors in silk than a well tailored blouse in bold kalamkari motifs. Pair one with your favorite saree and see the likes hit the sky !



Designer blouses: Our designer blouses are one of a kind and unique for their design as well as craftsmanship. If you are looking beyond daily wear blouses and want to add an edge to your festive saree, nothing does the trick like a pretty designer blouse. Visit our blouses collection to find just the one you seek. 

Lehengas: Our lehenga collection has everything you could need. Whether it is bridal Lehengas or lighter festive wear lehengas, find the latest designs, colors and embellishments to suit your whim and keep you fashionable without the pains of hunting high and low for the trendiest designs.



Ghararas and shararas: This lovely mughal style garment is both elegant as well as convenient. It has made a reappearance in the wardrobes of fashionistas all over and you can find a wide range from printed or emboridered to cottons and silks. See the collection here. 



Gowns:  Not to be left behind, our western and fusion wear is beautifully cut and suited to multiple occasions. You can pick one for your wedding reception or a party and reuse it for yet another occasion with no hesitation. Find the Gown collection here.


Don't just stop here, it is just a teaser of the Pure Elegance Annual Semi Sale. To make the best of the 25% store wide discount, visit us online anytime between 20th to 25th August and find your taffeta dreams come true at a great price!

Images courtesy: All images Pure Elegance 


Article By : Bhavna R

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