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Celebrate the Nine Yards of Indian Tradition with Khaddi Silk Saree

India is a country with a canvas so colorful and diverse that it is difficult to define its magnificence! The land where people unify in their diversity shows the splendor of culture and heritage. With so many different states and regions, come different languages, food, customs, festivals, and clothing. People believe strongly in the power and value of traditions which sets this diverse country apart from the rest. When speaking of diversity and tradition, the same is reflected in the rich Indian textiles. Every state in India has a different form of textile art with exquisite weaving, embroideries or designs which is its specialty. It is no different for our traditional nine yards which define Indian women fashion in the best possible way. Indian saree is an extravagant celebration of Indian culture which differs with various cultures. If you go to South, you will find a traditional Kanchipuram saree in rich zari work, if you go to Maharashtra, then rich Paithani silk saris are waiting for you and in Assam, you will find a range of beautiful Assam silk saris. Nine yards is indeed a beautiful rendition of diversity and culture in India!

Red Khaddi Silk Saree

Indian woman celebrates every occasion in traditional Indian saris in rich colors and designs. This happiness of being an Indian woman is seen on the face of this gorgeous woman who is draped in a bright red woven Khaddi silk saree. The sari looks utterly ethereal on her with rich hues of gold silk border. What makes this simple sari more alluring is the pairing with a contrast orange color printed blouse! An Indian saree look can never be complete without the touch of Indian jewelry. She has chosen silver gold plated necklace, silver gold plated earrings and a beaded bracelet with a final touch of big bindi to complete her traditional look. The simplicity of this elegant drape along with the simplicity of her Indian look is a beautiful celebration of nine yards.

Red Khaddi Silk Sari with Gold Silk Border

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