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Chanderi Saree- A Drape from the Heart of India

Sarees are the shining symbol of Indian fashion with a colorful myriad of Indian sarees which is beyond astounding! Every saree has a story of its lineage and weaving which makes it so special. With sustainable fashion coming more and more into the limelight the handloom sarees are especially gaining a lot of attention in the world of fashion. One such breathtaking handloom drape comes from the heart of India Madhya Pradesh, the very alluring chanderi saree. Chanderi saris are woven and derive their name from a town in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi. The fabric is a beautifully created from chanderi cotton, pure silk or silk cotton adorned with zari work and involves the fine craftsmanship of the weavers. The lightweight and sheer look of the sarees makes them a stunning choice for summer occasions. Chanderi saris have a feminine appeal to them due to scintillating texture and light feel. These sarees can win the heart of an Indian woman who loves traditional silhouettes.

Peach Chanderi Saree with Benarasi Blouse

Get enchanted by the beauty of this dazzling chanderi sari donned by a beautiful Indian woman! The saree is a soothing vision for your eyes with its soft peach color or dazzling silver zari border. It is paired with a white Banarasi saree blouse which adds a contrasting effect to the overall saree look. The finishing touches are minimal with silver gold plated hoop earrings and a traditional bindi which this look simple and beautiful. The woman is spreading her Indian ethnic charm amidst nature which looks absolutely ethereal. This look defines Indian elegance and femininity at its best and is perfect for occasions like festivals and puja! If you are attending a wedding in winters, a chanderi silk sari will be the right choice for you and if it is a summer wedding and you don’t want to go big on heavy sarees then chanderi cotton or chanderi silk cotton sarees, are hands down the best choice.

Peach Chanderi Saree

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