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Cotton Saree for an Everyday Effortless Style

Cotton Saree for an Everyday Effortless Style

Woven with love and fine skills of Indian artisans handloom cotton sarees are the most alluring choice for your summer days. Crisp cotton saris in bright summer colors can lift your Indian look instantly. What makes cotton sarees a favorite among the saree wearers is the lightweight and breathable quality; making them so comfortable during the hot summer days. It is the best choice for Indian street fashion which looks chic, fashionable yet ethnic at the same time. There are many varieties of cotton sarees in India including chanderi cotton, south cotton, Banarasi cotton, silk cotton but our very own regular handloom cotton saree stand out amongst all for an everyday effortless style. Cotton saris are the best choices to incorporate sarees in our daily style. The young generation today is forgetting how to wear sarees so a cotton saree can be a good start to the same as they are easy to drape.

Green Cotton Saree

Young women can play with saree drapes and blouses to make them more stylish and chic! One such unique drape donned by a young Indian woman can be seen here. She looks every bit effortless and striking in her cotton saree avatar. The beautiful green color of the saree stands out perfectly against the blazing color of the river which makes the whole picture so captivating. She has draped the saree in a casual style by taking the pallu casually across the shoulder and wrapping around the waist. And what makes this simple saree look more attractive is its blouse! The colorfully striped saree blouse with collars adds a unique twist to this regular saree look making it all the more appealing. A pair of traditional silver earrings makes for a striking finishing touch to the whole look. This look is perfect for an everyday style when you are heading for shopping or lunch or an outing with your friends. The other ways of draping the pallu can be by wrapping the pallu around the neck like a stole or take the pallu from back to front if you are in for a formal event. Easy, breezy and comfortable that’s how you make an Indian saree your own!

Green Handloom Cotton Saree with Striped Saree Blouse

If you are new to the world of saree draping and don’t know where to start from, then cotton sarees are the most appropriate pick for you! They have a good body which makes it easy to drape and style them.  Make your everyday look stylish with Indian saris available at Pure Elegance Indian clothing store in USA. We have a classic collection of handloom sarees, chanderi sarees, silk sarees, Indian jewelry and everything that has to do with Indian fashion at our store in USA. You can have a peek at our collection online and if you like what you see then order at the comfort of your and enjoy a speedy delivery at your doorsteps!


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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I love cotton saree. Because when I wear pure cotton saree, at that time I feel very comfortable.

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