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Get Enchanted by the Simplicity of Neutral Color Sarees

Indian sarees are mostly associated with rich fabrics and vibrant colors which grab everyone’s attention! There is no doubt that bright colors stand out distinctly amongst all and make all the eyeballs rolling. But if we look at the opposite side of color platter which includes neutral tones like white, off-white, beige, tan, brown, gold, black to name a few, they carry an inherent simplicity which looks equally stunning. Sarees in neutral shades radiate sheer elegance and one such example is Kasavu sarees from Kerala. These traditional sarees are made in silk and are worn on special occasions like weddings and festivals. The basic colors include a white saree with golden border and pallu which looks absolutely stunning and traditional Indian gold jewelry further enhances its beauty. The similar pattern is also seen in a variety of other sarees like Kanchipuram saris, Banarasi sarees and many more.  

Gold and Off White Banarasi Saree

Making an enchanting vision for the onlookers is an Indian woman draped in a beautiful Banarasi saree in neutral colors of gold and off-white. There is nothing big or exquisite about the saree but its simplicity is what makes it one of a kind. It complements her Indian looks effortlessly without trying too hard. The golden color adds a luxe effect to the simple saree and shines perfectly in the glory of the sun. A black Banarasi blouse adds a striking contrast to the overall traditional look. It has a jaw-dropping backless design which adds visual interest to the simple saree style. To complete the ethnic look, she has added a touch of Indian jewelry with silver gold plated jhumka earrings and nose-pin. The round bindi, kajal, bright lip shade and gajra in hair further elevates her beauty to the T. There is an old world charm in simplicity and sometimes less is more and this ethereal look is a perfect illustration of the same. This saree is perfect for a daytime wedding, festivals or any special occasion where you want your simplicity to do all the talking!

Gold and Off White Banarasi Sari with Banarasi Blouse

Neutral tone sarees are one of the most versatile drapes to play with! There is so much one can do with the styling like a different style of blouse which will add a visual contrast to the simple sari or elaborate Indian jewelry or traditional hairdo. You can always add more to this simple drape with other style elements. If you are looking for such beautiful traditional Indian handloom sarees in USA then look no beyond than Pure Elegance. Our collection of beautiful Indian designer sarees in bright to neutral colors will leave you awestruck. You can explore our collection online at our e-commerce store or drop by at our Indian fashion store for an extraordinary shopping experience.

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