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How to Dress up at this Holiday Season as per your Zodiac Sign?

Have you ever wondered why you buy certain style of outfits? Why are you always attracted to a specific set of color tones and buy everything in that color? We are guided by stars and no matter how buffooning it might sound yet the fact that zodiac signs are there for a reason cannot be contradicted. We all are peculiar in nature and different from our peers because of our stars alignment and planets composition that affects our mood swings, preferences, behaviour and attitude. If that doesn’t convince you much, check out some of the style choices and fashion picks that you love to indulge in as per your zodiac sign. Here are some of the holiday season fashion inspiration for you to follow that will not only light up your charisma but also bid farewell to 2018 in the most beautiful way.


The fashion conscious and statement makers, Aquarians are known for their bold and peppy debonair-esque personalities and they love to take a leap of faith and experiment with their wardrobe essentials. They bold and creative with their fashion choices and do not shy away from trying risqué trends. Their rebellious and trendsetting attitude surely sets them apart, Aquarians are a unique breed indeed. This holiday season, we would suggest you go with your lucky color baby pink. Take a breezy route to celebrate with your closest pals in this gorgeously designed jumpsuit with flared cape like tassels swinging from both the sides to elevate the romantic side of you.


The emotional and creative streaks are all about pastels and flowy silhouettes. Your heart skips a beat every time you see something easy breezy with a subtle hint of sexy. Your infectious energy and sensitive appetite makes it suffice for designers to craft surreal for you. Our exquisitely handcrafted lavender hued designer gown dress with palazzo pants is just a perfect ensemble for your artistic and saccharine spirit.


Blessed are those who can alter the classics by adding their signature style statement, Taurus girls are known for their quirky, bold yet eccentric fashion sense. Always stealing the spotlight, Taurus girls certainly know how to dress up according to their personality and bring an air of their quirky side forward with their expressive clothing. This holiday season, you can go practical with a pretty pair of pastel separates layered with a feminine ruffled stole. Designer blouse with embellishments teamed with wide legged blush pink trousers is an easy breezy beachy-fit ensemble while the stole will add just the right amount of sass and glam.


Lover of all things exquisite and contemporary, Gemini girls are hardest to please when it comes to picking up dresses. They like to get their hands on the most statement making ensembles and love their style to be effortless, breezy and absolutely dynamic. They love to be the trend setter and  you will never find them repeating their outfits more than once. Strict rules of being a fashionista! For you avant garde aficionados, nothing can beat the elegant yet neo classic pair of pink and red tailored skirt with crop top. Scintillating hues and exotic prints will garner you the attention and compliments, so go brave the crave!


You can’t beat them at their feminist game because Cancer girls are confident, classy and elegant naturally. They are mostly found in visually appealing attires and are undoubtedly one of the highly dressed people in a room. From slits to flirty necklines, strappy dresses et al, name it and they have it all in their closet. For these pretty femmes, we have a gorgeous pastel blue layered skirt with a stunning strappy chanderi silk dusty pink bustier blouse. Go ahead and kill them with your charm.


The king of zodiacs, Leo girls brave their way to fashion as they love experimenting and relying on their own gut when getting dressed. Quirky and cheery, their wardrobe speaks of itself in the most creative way possible, we love how they do not crave for attention and run to embrace latest trends rather carve their own niche. Embrace your intuitive style with this designer blue printed cowl draped dress and get them jaws dropping as you step in to celebrate the joyous holiday season.


If there’s one word that could describe the style statement of Virgos, it’d be ladylike. Sophisticated, polished and well-structured, Virgos prefer to keep their dresses mellow, simple, tailored and fine. You won’t ever find any flashy hues in their wardrobe or any bold dress. Keepers of tailored and classic pieces, our ivory pleated midi dress will be a fit for you this season to jam with your peers.


These fall babies are a complete head-turner and you won’t even realize what’s on their mind because they can go from day to night in one dress with different looks. Yes, that’s one hella talent and only Librans know how to flaunt one piece in million ways. Well, just a little exaggerated because that’s how they like their outfit to be, one day they will show up in a feminine midi, the next they will perhaps rock an androgynous pant suit effortlessly. And thus, for all you lively Librans, here’s a stunning off white embroidered chiffon top with layered tiered yellow skirt to style this festive season.


These mysterious fall babies are absolute style spinners trained in creating bold and edgy looks with their signature go-to dresses. Their style statement is much like Virgos except they add a whole lot of boldness to the modest ladylike look. Unless they put their party shoes, everything is cryptic. When they rise, Scorpions are the most glamourous party starters. Tailored for party hoppers and conversation-starters, this alluring peach color embroidered asymmetric dress with draped sleeves is an ideal dress.


The birthday babies for this month and boho lovers, Saggi girls are unique in their fashion sense and love to combine classic with quirk and kitschy. Easy going, relaxed and breathable attires with a whole lot of bold prints and funky edge, Saggitarians are known for their sartorial exquisite fashion statements. This holiday season strut the streets with your constants in our elaborately designed bundi dark teal diagonal printed one shoulder cape blouse and style with a apir of wide legged trousers.


Lovers of comfort and cosy silhouettes, they indulge in basics and classic pieces with a twist. Elaborate and heavily draped dresses are not their cup of tea. Admirers of subtle and sophisticated ensembles, they stock up a wide variety of colors and designs in their closet. Be the showstopper at festive spree in our exquisitely tailored wine metal work crop top paired with a wine plain silk skirt.


Article By : Ambika Asthana

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