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How to make your traditional Indian wear last long: 10 tips to maintain your Indian Ethnics

Indian ethnic wear has a presence in every Indian wardrobe no matter where the wearer may reside. After all, Indian clothing is a not just a marker of our identity, it is a receptacle of our cultural heritage, values and history through the ages.

So when it comes to dressing up for any Indian festivity, we still don’t quite feel all prepared unless we have an Indian Silk Saree or a lovely Indian Anarkali to make the best of the occasion. And so very often it happens that this is a rare occasion that we pull out some of the best and the finest of our Indian ethnic pieces, some of which may have either been passed down to us by our elders or may have been purchased long ago. No matter how many new clothes one may have, there are some pieces which always charm us into putting them on and wash over us with their air of nostalgia and exquisite design no matter how many decades may have passed since their purchase.

Naturally, for such cherished pieces, and in fact even for the new pieces that we acquire, the care of the garment is a crucial factor in how it wears over the years. So, if your fine Indian banarsis and kanjivarams get the TLC that they truly deserve, you will find that they will retain their space in your wardrobe year after year, no matter how many new trends come and go.

At Pure Elegance we understand the importance of caring for fine Indian Ethnic garments and so here we bring you the best tips to care for your Indian garments to make sure they last a lifetime.

  1. Protect from chemicals: Pure fabrics like silks, and embellishments like zaree deteriorate due to oxidation and chemical exposure like deodorants, hair sprays and perfumes.
  2. Put on the garment last: Wear the garment last after the make-up. Make up spills on natural fabrics are also harmful.
  3. Maintain good personal hygiene: Handle your garments with clean hands. When trying your garments for fitting make sure that you do not transfer any sweat or other dirt while handling.
  4. Handle with care: Make sure you handle your garments with care, do not bundle them up or bunch them up with other clothes while carrying them.
  5. Less is more: The less you wash your garments the more they will retain their color and shine.
  6. Avoid spills and stains: When wearing your garments be careful while eating or handling foods or other liquids.
  7. Don’t dry in direct sunlight: Colored garments tend to lose shine and lustre as well as color when dried in direct sun. Fold them before putting in the drier to avoid unnecessary wrinkling.
  8. Iron with care: If you think you are not skilled enough to iron or wash your garment yourself, don’t resist sending them to a trusted laundrer.
  9. Store well: Always store your Indian Ethnics properly. Wrap them in tissue. If adding naphthalene then put the naphthalene in a small bundle in a handkerchief instead of putting it directly in contact with the garment.
  10. Repair immediately: In case your garment gets a tear however small, try to repair it immediately or the tear will grow in size. If there are stains, blot them with a kitchen towel. For oily stains or tea and coffee stains you can use talc to soak up the oil.


For any Indian Ethnic wear lover, taking good care of the garments is as important as investing in the right pieces. With these garment care tips from Pure Elegance you can make sure your Indian Ethnics get the right care they deserve.

Do share your own tips that work well, we’d love to hear your tricks too!!

Article By : Bhavna R

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