In Awe of Ethnic Muga Banarasi Silk Saree

From the land of Assam comes the beautiful and oh-so graceful Muga silk sarees! These sarees are not only traditionally beautiful but are also a fine example of how rich Indian textile is. Muga silk fabric is woven and is known for its sheen, durability and glossy texture. The sarees are worn on special cultural occasions in Assam like weddings and festivals. Popularly the sarees come in golden yellow color and the pallus are heavy than the rest of the saree. Today, this rich saree is not just confined to Assam but has found a way into a number of other styles across the country and is worn on various occasions. One such variety which will leave everyone in its awe is a Muga Banarasi silk sari. The sarees are made in fine Muga silk and adorned with gorgeous Banarasi work which makes them a stunning traditional drape.

Green Muga Banarasi Saree with Red Embroidered Blouse

An Indian woman draped in a parrot green Muga Banarasi saree against a green environment is definitely an enchanting vision! She is a symbol of a perfect Indian beauty draped in ethnic nine yards on a sunny day. While spending her day out, she chose to wear a traditional Indian Muga Banarasi saree with red pleats and pallu and fine Banarasi buta, a choice which is not only extraordinary but also out of the box. She is enjoying the sunny weather in her graceful saree paired with a red embroidered blouse which further enhances the elegance of her Indian style. To elevate her Indianness, she added some bling in the form silver gold plated earrings, a round bindi, kajal and bright red lip color. She kept it easy with open hair perfect for her outing. This is an awe-striking look which can be an inspiration for occasions like a daytime wedding, sangeet, party or festivals. You can elaborate this look with a long heavy traditional Indian necklace and bangles for a wedding look.

Green Muga Banarasi Sari with Buta and Red Embroidered Blouse

If you want to add diversity and more of culture to your Indian sarees, then a Muga saree is a must-have for you! The sarees are ever graceful and traditional for Indian occasions and will garner you plenty of compliments. Add a unique variety to your Indian sari wardrobe by adding a Muga silk saree from Pure Elegance. Our collection of Indian sarees in USA is culturally rich and of the finest quality which will leave you in its awe. You can browse through our collection at our e-commerce store or visit our store to find out what we have got for you!


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