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Indian Style with a Fashionable Twist- Off-Shoulder Patola Ikat Lehenga

For decades the Indian lehengas have been a synonym of exquisite embroideries! Indian lehenga is nothing but an extravagant and extraordinary display of beautiful craftsmanship. The detailing with fine zardozi, sequin, and pearls makes lehenga a perfect ensemble for a bride or bridesmaids! There are many women who love to go for heavy and extravagant Indian looks, for them designer lehengas are a perfect pick. But then there are women who love to keep it simple and fashionable. Modern Indian women like to blend tradition and fashion together which is comfortable and stylish. Also, women these days like to buy pieces which they can wear on many occasions and not just the weddings. When you think of lehenga, it is only a wedding that comes to your mind! But no more! Today we have a wide range of styles and designs for every woman’s taste. You want heavy you get heavy; you want minimal you get minimal; you want contemporary you get contemporary! The world of Indian fashion has expanded so much that there is something for everyone.

Green and Red Patola Ikat Lehenga

In particular reference to women who like minimal, light and contemporary style; the choices are enormous today. If you are looking for a lehenga without the fuss of heavy embroideries and comfort, then go for Banarasi lehengas or lehengas with traditional prints like Bandhej with light embellishments or an ikat lehenga. These are best picks for women to love to blend fashion and tradition together. If you want to get an idea of what we are saying, then have a look at this beautiful Indian woman wearing a simple and elegant sea green off-shoulder patola ikat lehenga. The ikat patola skirt is lightly embellished and the pairing with a contrasting red off-shoulder blouse is adding a fashionable twist. The lehenga is so light and wearable that she is able to easily carry it in the windy weather without the fuss of handling too much. She is enjoying her stroll by the beach, don’t you think this looks perfect for an Indian beach wedding! Further the lehenga is enhanced with a red Banarasi dupatta with ikat patola border, what a beautiful mix of two traditional crafts! The finishing touches are simple with a pair of silver-gold plated jhumka earrings, open hair and bright red lips. Simple, stylish and absolutely comfortable!

Green and Red Printed Ikat Lehenga

This lehenga makes a versatile choice for weddings and festivals. If you want to dress up the lehenga you can wear a kundan choker necklace and go for a low-knot bun, perfect for a wedding! So whether you love it simple or maximal there is a lehenga for everyone!  For Indian women in USA, who love designer lehengas, Pure Elegance Indian fashion store is the perfect place! Choose from a splendid collection of Indian clothing for various occasions. Drop by our store and we will be more than happy to serve you!

Article By : Charu Tyagi

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