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It's getting Hot pink in here: Begin the 2019 festive season in a hot pink lndian Ethnic outfit

The trend in Indian Ethnic wear is all for pastels and whites as we know but nothing gets our blood rushing as red - or the various shades of it.

While we have seen before how it really helps to have some neutral tones and pastels on our go-to list for an Indian Ethnic outfit especially in 2019, you can never go wrong with a hot pink number like this one here, especially if you want to go all out on the festive spirit with the long festive season all but knocking on your door.

Traditionally this shade of pink or red is known as 'raani red' in the Indian fashion lexicon. After all who less than a queen would sport such an unabashedly vibrant shade ?And when you consider the fact that its appearance is rarer now-a-days only makes it all the more a feast for our eyes.

Take the case of this beautiful hot pink lehenga ensemble in raw silk. It is a gorgeous hot pink embellished tastefully with small golden diamond-shaped motifs - now what spells celebrations more unabashedly than this combo ?

However the small motifs are decorative and bring a festive pop to the gorgeous sheen of the hot pink fabric without over powering the senses.

What is more the gold motifs are simple but bring out the stunning richness of the hot pink fabric - a combination which is universally suitable to all skin tones. Moreover this outfit has a more conservative cut with 3/4rth sleeves and a button hole boat style neckline which is appropriate for women of all ages.


This is the perfect lehenga to wear to your best friend's wedding if you are her bridesmaid without stealing her light and being mistaken for the bride herself.

This outfit from Pure Elegance is also an ideal choice for the fashion rebel who cares not for the pastel lehenga trend and wants to stand out in the crowd without trying too hard.

Perfect for a day event when you want to appear dressed up without loading on the jewellery this lehenga set will stand you in good stead as a dressy affair.

You can go easy on the make-up box and the jewelry with this gorgeous, hard-to-miss outfit and give it a modern spell like this beautiful young woman ready to kill it in hot pink with smart coordinated gold toned round glares and statement chandelier earrings matching the embellishments of the outfit.

For a night time look you could pair this ensemble with gold heels and dramatic gold eye shadow, a shimmery lip and gold nail paint and make the most of your outfit.

So as they say rules are made to be broken - and even though the fashion gurus would have you bid a long goodbye to reds and hot pinks so customary in Indian wear - we know that the contemporary Indian woman decided whats best for her on her own.

So go ahead and let the Joie de vivre of this hot pink lehenga woo you dizzy with its unmistakable charm... !!

 Images courtesy : Pure Elegance


Article By : Bhavna R

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