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Live the Heritage in a Traditional Kanjivaram Saree

What would Indian fashion be without saris! The heritage of sarees is full of majestic history and hard work of artisans who spend their days and night to create a traditional six-yard. Woven with finesse Indian saree, today is a global symbol of Indian fashion. The colorful diversity of designs and weaving from different parts of the country makes saree history even more exhilarating. When one talks about diverse and rich sarees, one name which pops into the head is a traditional Kanjivaram silk saree hailing from South India. The legacy of this sari as rich as the saree itself, it is believed Kanchipuram silk weavers are the successors of Sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods. A pure Kanjeevaram silk saree is made of mulberry silk threads which are obtained from South India and pure zari which comes from Gujarat. The body and border of a Kanchipuram saree are woven separately and then joined together; this is one of the main characteristics of a pure Kanchi saree. Big occasions in India like weddings and festivals are incomplete without women draped in traditional Kanchipuram sarees. Especially in South India, Kanjivaram sarees are considered as auspicious wear for weddings.

Bottle green Kanjivaram Saree

Live your heritage in an out and out traditional Kanjivaram saree like this beautiful Indian woman! The saree is a fine example of beautiful craftsmanship and elaborate weaving that goes into the making of a Kanchi sari. The rich bottle green color of the saree is contrasted with a glorious gold pure zari border and pallu. What makes it even more breathtaking is the overall checker pattern along with intricate peacock and floral zari butas. The striking contrast of red on the border and pallu is a perfect auspicious touch to the saree. It is paired with a simple red saree blouse since the saree in itself is so rich. The saree is a rich drape for weddings, so to make this look wedding perfect heavy Indian wedding jewelry. A bindi and traditional hair bun with gajra are beautifully elevating the ethnic beauty of the saree and the woman. She looks like a glorious vision in the dark lighting the world with her elegance and Indian charm.

Green Kanjeevaram Silk Saree with Pure Zari Work

Get drenched in Indian tradition with magnificent Kanjeevaram sarees! There is no silhouette which looks more flattering than a rich woven saree on an Indian woman. To make you a part of heritage fashion from India, we at Pure Elegance strive to bring the best of traditional Indian sarees in USA for women. A mesmerizing collection of hand-woven Indian saris from various parts of the country are waiting for you at our Indian clothing store in USA. You can also have a peek at our collection sitting in the comfort of your home at our online shopping website!

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