Make Your Simple Crepe Silk Sarees a Style Statement

Simplicity has its own charm and elegance when women keep their style simple with beautiful Indian sarees it reflects their tasteful side for Indian fashion! It is not necessary to go over the top with your designer sarees whenever you are heading for a party or wedding. A simple Indian sari look is a stand out amongst the crowd where everyone is decked up head to toe in heavy ensemble. Crepe silk sarees are one of those classic drapes which are available in both heavy and simple styles. The rich fabric has a silky flow which beautifully flatters a woman’s curves and drapes perfectly. A solid crepe saree can be styled in many ways! You can pair with a designer saree blouse, a printed sari blouse, a pair of heavy earrings or necklace to turn your simple saree into a style statement.

Green and Black Crepe Silk Saree

Take some style cue from this gorgeous Indian woman who looks absolutely classy and stylish in this color blocked crepe silk sari! Keeping the styling simple worked perfectly in the favor of this classic saree. She has paired it with a contrasting black and white striped designer saree blouse which gave a striking and contemporary touch to the black and green saree. The flowy crepe saree is draped perfectly in a pleated style which is an ideal choice for this fabric. To add some glitter to her simple look, she chose a pair of heavy statement earrings which are just the right kind of shine this look needs! Bright lip shade and a loose hair bun are the finishing touches to her elegant saree style. This simple saree look is perfect for a party and even for a wedding if you are someone who does not want to go over the top with your style. You can leave earrings and go for a statement choker necklace with this saree for a different appeal. Sometimes it is good to leave heavy silhouettes and let your simplicity do all the talking!

Green and Black Crepe Silk Saree with Striped Blouse

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