Painted in Art with Kalamkari Saree

It is difficult to confine the myriad of sarees that Indian fashion offers! The everlasting grace of Indian sarees is attributed to the fine craftsmanship and weaving done by various local artisans across the length and breadth of the country. Created with hand and sheer hard work woven Indian saris are today known worldwide for their spectacular designs. One of the oldest forms of art from the time of Mughals which is today live on the nine-yards is Kalamkari! Made with qalam or pen Kalamkari saree is beautiful painting in motion. Kalamkari saris are created on woven fabrics like silk or cotton and include mythological paintings made with vegetable or natural dyes. Women who are art connoisseurs are ardent lovers of Kalamkari art and for them having a beautiful Kalamkari saree is a wardrobe staple!

Black Kalamkari Saree with Blouse

We see a woman here draped in the fine art of Kalamkari saree and she looks absolutely divine! She is an art connoisseur and a saree lover who loves to adorn saree on a daily basis with absolute elegance. Her hand-woven raw silk black Kalamkari saree is perfectly complementing her dusky Indian look. The saree is painted with colorful Kalamkari floral and deity painting which stands out beautifully on the black color. Complimenting this graceful saree is a red Kalamkari saree blouse which adds a stunning and classic contrast to the look. Her eyes defined with kajal is a fine exemplification of Indian beauty which is further elevated with a touch Indian silver gold plated jewelry. A beautiful pair of silver gold plated earrings, a silver gold plated coin thread necklace and a beaded bracelet are befitting match to her ethnic Indian style. Keeping her locks open for a casual look saree look she added a perfect finishing touch with a big round bindi. On a bright sunny day, she is enjoying her stroll through woods and for the onlookers, she is nothing less than a beautiful art in motion!

Traditional Black Kalamkari Sari

The same sari can be worn for a casual outing with minimal jewelry for fuss-free Indian look. If you love art and saree is your preferred drape on a daily basis, then hand-crafted Kalamkari sarees are a perfect match to your classy Indian taste. At Pure Elegance, we know the best of Indian craftsmanship and weaving and strive to bring the same under one roof. Our fine collection of Indian Kalamkari saris in USA will leave you astounded and spoilt for choices. To avail our beautiful collection, you can browse online at our e-commerce store or drop by our store in USA, we will be more than happy to serve you!

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