Radiate Feminine Glow in a Powder Pink Embroidered Saree

Saree is hands down the most alluring form of Indian clothing which brings out the beauty of an Indian woman! Indian saree can define a woman’s personality in different ways depending on what she wants to look like. If she wants to radiate grace and elegance silk saris and Kancipurams are the best, if she wants to look like a royalty then a Banarasi sari would do absolute justice, if she wants to look like a glamorous Bollywood diva then a stylish georgette saree with fine embroidery or a velvet sari is perfect to channelize that verve. Whatever you want to channelize, there will always be a saree for the same! But it is not just the saree type or the craft of the saree which brings out these aspects of a woman’s personality, colors equally play a major role here.

Powder Pink Embroidered Saree

Like if a woman wants a glamorous party style she will opt colors like burgundy, black, blue or wine and if she wants to look submissive and graceful she will opt for soft colors like beige, muted yellow or browns! It will always be a mix of factors to bring a personality trait in a woman. Colors like pastel pink or powder pink, pastel green, powder blue etc. are known for adding a feminine glow to a woman’s style. Soft, subtle and filled with feminism these colors are a must-have for women with soft personality. Have a look at this beautiful Indian woman draped in an outrightly stunning powder pink embroidered saree! Draped in this alluring saree she radiates a soft and feminine charm which can easily floor the onlookers. The saree is paired with a matching pink embroidered sleeveless sari blouse which is further elevating the femininity of this captivating sari look. Powder pink color is shining beautifully on her in the daylight. Finishing touches are simple and feminine with soft wavy colors and big chandelier earrings. It seems she is heading to a friend’s wedding or sangeet! This saree will also look great at festivals, puja or any big family occasion. The other way to style this gorgeous saree is wearing it with a boat-neck off-white embroidered saree blouse. Tie the hair into a low-knot bun with mogra flowers gajra and wear a pair of big silver gold plated jhumka with pearls and you are all set to radiate a soft traditional charm for a wedding!

Powder Pink Embroidered Designer Saree

Soft pastel color sarees are the flavor of the season. They are unique and feminine for your ethnic style and you must have one in your ethnic wardrobe! Own such beautiful Indian designer sarees in beautiful pastel colors from Pure Elegance Indian fashion store in USA. You can also shop online and enjoy the delivery of the products at your doorsteps.


Article By : Charu Tyagi

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