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Serenity in the Wild - A Vision of Exquisite Embroidered Designer Sari

Wandering through the wild a woman in an Indian saree is an unrealistic and serene vision! The calmness of her dusky Indian beauty combined with beautiful designer saree can turn the wild into a spectacular scenery. How enchanting the wild looks with her quintessential beauty in saree! That is the charm of a saree; it can light up the most lifeless surroundings with its sheer gorgeousness. The woman has brought serenity to the wild and added colors with her elegance which brings tranquility to anyone who looks at her. She is lost in her thoughts and cares least about how her hair falls or how perfect her makeup is. Untamed hair brings out her effortless Indian look which blends seamlessly with the wild surroundings. Even her saree is draped unconventionally and in a way which suits her comfort yet flaunts the beautiful design of the saree blouse. Keeping it elegant and comfortable, this beautiful look is a perfect example when beauty needs no extra jewels and makeup.

Beige Crepe Silk and Velvet Embroidered Saree

Her mesmerizing looks are a perfect match for the exquisite beige embroidered saree with a wine color velvet embroidered blouse. Her beautiful deep eyes are defined with a touch of kajal and red lip color adds a bright pop of color to her muted look. While she is a carefree woman lost in the wild, she did not forget to include beautiful silver gold plated earrings as her ornaments. For young women, this look is a definition of soft and feminine style without much ado. Go for this look on festive, family or wedding occasions when you want to keep it minimal and feminine but with a touch of serenity! If you want to elaborate your look, tie your hair into a low-knot bun and put a gajra while completing your look with a round bindi. This will give you an impeccable traditional look for many occasions!

Crepe Silk and Velvet Saree with Tikki Work

Indian sarees drape like a dream and is a priceless possession in the wardrobe of every Indian woman! The evergreen grace of a saree is timeless and can be passed from one generation to the other. At Pure Elegance, we strive to bring a collection of Indian saris which is a mark of our culture and tradition. We proudly present a collection of exquisite and jaw-dropping Indian designer sarees in USA which will let your Indian beauty shine through

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