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Simple Yet Not So Simple Pristine White Saree

Simplicity is often underrated and especially when it comes to fashion! Experimental style, going bold and out of the box styles are the trends of the current times. But here is the catch, in the modern times where everything is so complicated in the world of fashion; simplicity is a breath of fresh air! Simple looks with minimalistic styling is a trend chased by very few these days. Even when it comes to Indian ethnic fashion or Indian sarees, everyone wants to try experimental Indian styles and fusion dresses. It is good to be experimental but let us not forget that simplicity is not prone to fashion trends and will never lose its charm. Even sarees are no longer simple drapes, modern styles like concept sarees, dhoti sarees, draped sarees are favorites of the modern Indian women.

White Saree with Black Blouse

For ages, Indian women have draped six yards in its classic style and even today it is preferred by women. The simplicity of our classic sarees is absolutely captivating. There is nothing fancy about them; simple drapes with minimalistic styling make them a timeless style. Simple because it is easy with no furs and frills and yet not-so-simple because the striking charm of these sarees is a head-turning vision and is absolutely unmatched. Get enchanted by the same simplicity on this beautiful Indian woman who looks breathtaking in this pristine white saree. The saree is hand-woven with silver border and is paired a sleeveless black blouse which adds old world charm to this look. The saree is draped in classic style with gathered pallu over the shoulders. Simple finishing touches with a round bindi, low bun with flowers and silver earrings make this look not-so-simple and oh-so-striking. A beauty who has stepped from the black and white era into this colorful world! This style is timeless and is perfect for various occasions like a party, family-get-together or any special event. You can also open your hair and pair the same saree with a chunky silver choker necklace for a more festive look.

White Sari with Black Sleeveless Blouse

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Article By : Charu Tyagi

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