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Breakfast at Pure Elegance : The Pure Elegance Site wide Semi Annual sale is here !

Don't just stop here, it is just a teaser of the Pure Elegance Annual Semi Sale. To make the best of the 25% store wide discount, visit us online anytime between 20th to 25th August and find your taffeta dreams come true at a great price!

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9 Blouse Design Trends will take 2019 by Storm

Spectacular blouse designs ranging from sexy backs to gorgeous prints, elevated necklines and drool-worthy cuts made our 2018 oh so blazing! Blouses so hot, why not pair them up with skirts, trousers or even pyjamas, you just can’t have a fashion statement sans statement blouses. Check out must-have trendy blouses of 2019.

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The Woman in a Banarasi

Women are naturally-cautious beings and it’s not very often you see them let their guard down. It takes a special confidence to get a woman to entirely relax and slip into the moment. What she wears goes a long way in giving her that confidence to be herself. Her clothing needs to be more than just that - it has to be the expression of her innate elegance and sophistication. It needs to sit on her like her very own skin - comfortable, yet unique; changeable yet irreplaceable. Women put in a lot of thought into what they wear, because what covers their bodies, sets free their souls. The Banarasi saree understands the woman it drapes. It chooses the woman...

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