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Indulge in Dark Romance this Wedding Season

With bold and bewitching becoming the “it” tagline for all modern-age brides this wedding season, we’re not surprised to lay our eyes at the dark silhouettes. From black hued lehengas to velvet silhouettes and wine colored sarees are up on the showcase, check out some of the contemporary saree for new age women.

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Deepika Padukone Rocks in Flared Sarees that You Can Own Too!

Our newly-wed woman crush Deepika Padukone is on an ethnic roll as she struts around the globe in her handpicked couture. From gorgeous sarees to designer suits and Indo-fusion, you name it and she drapes them all with equal ease and comfort. We have stocked similar designer sarees for you, explore here.

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The Woman in a Banarasi

Women are naturally-cautious beings and it’s not very often you see them let their guard down. It takes a special confidence to get a woman to entirely relax and slip into the moment. What she wears goes a long way in giving her that confidence to be herself. Her clothing needs to be more than just that - it has to be the expression of her innate elegance and sophistication. It needs to sit on her like her very own skin - comfortable, yet unique; changeable yet irreplaceable. Women put in a lot of thought into what they wear, because what covers their bodies, sets free their souls. The Banarasi saree understands the woman it drapes. It chooses the woman...

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