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Take the Street Fashion to Next Level with Indian Sarees

The world of fashion brings new trends every now and then! One such fashion trend which has taken the world by storm is street fashion. The term is widely used for western dressing with styles spotted randomly on the streets looking absolutely chic. Inspired by international celebrities’ daytime looks while shopping or running errands, this style is nothing but a modern woman’s stylish take on the daily style. When we talk about Indian fashion, street style is not a popular term in the fashion world. But then fashion has no rules, one can always re-define fashion and make it their own. Sarees are the face of Indian fashion, so wearing them as an Indian street style statement should be an obvious choice. The fast-changing fashion trends are actually tiring for the consumers with new styles and designs popping up every season. But sustainable styles like Indian sarees are evergreen and will never go out of style or fashion. If sarees can look elegant and classy, they can also look chic and fashionable perfect to rock the streets in any part of the world! All you need to do is the correct styling and you are ready to make a statement of your own.

Yellow Color Saree with Black Embroidered Blouse

Get some major street style goals from an Indian girl who is a vision of effortless Indian fashion in a simple woven saree! Strutting through the streets she is a breath of fresh air amongst the crowd in a cheery yellow sari perfect for a daytime look. She has draped it casually pleated over the shoulders making it absolutely easy to handle while carrying out her daily routine. Paired with a colorfully embroidered mirror work sleeveless saree blouse she brings a perfect blend of ethnic and modern together on the streets. This is an unusually attractive sight to see a woman dressed so casually and effortlessly in a saree on the streets where everyone is seen in western attires. Traditional bindi and silver gold plated earrings are the perfect add-ons for her Indian street look. This is what we call as taking street fashion to next level and definitely gives us Indian Carrie Bradshaw vibes, won’t you agree!

Yellow Saree with Embroidered Saree Blouse

One way to modernize saree for a street look is wearing them with contemporary design saree blouses. Designs like off-shoulders, cold shoulders, and boxy silhouettes are perfect to add that chic edge to your traditional saree. Take a cue from this style here; a simple fluorescent green sari is paired with a pastel pink off-shoulder saree blouse. It is a simple yet effective change making the saree absolutely street ready. With sarees as a street style, you are sure to make many heads turn!

Green Saree with Pastel Pink Off Shoulder Sari Blouse

Time to change fashion rules and lay down your own terms! Indian sarees are not just meant for formal occasions but you can wear them anywhere setting a new fashion trend. Rock the fashion streets with beautiful Indian designer sarees available at Pure Elegance store. An alluring range of handloom sarees and Indian clothing is waiting for you at our online store or just drop by at our fashion store in USA and have a glimpse and trial of our exclusive collection!

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