The Magnetism of a Beautifully Woven Indian Saree

There is an intrinsic charm in Indian woven silhouettes, a smell of culture, a feel of tradition and a pride for Indian artistry! As much as Indian women love nine yards to death, woven Indian sarees always hold a special place in their hearts. Created with love and master craftsmanship, these sarees illustrate the immense amount of creativity and textile brilliance we have in the country. If you are a saree devotee, then handloom sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe, needless to say in every possible style and design. One such beautiful kind of woven sari is a Banarasi saree which is a beaming symbol of pride for Indian textiles. The traditional Banarasi silk saris are popular all over the globe and in the recent times, the fusion of various fabrics and styles of weaving have given birth to many new and versatile drapes of Banarasi saris.
Organza Banarasi With Jamdani Weave Saree, Blouse in Silk With Embroidery Blouse - a

Sauntering through the woods, we see an Indian woman draped in an extremely striking off-white light Banarasi silk saree.  The color of the saree stands out impeccably in the daylight against the woods. The saree is no ordinary silhouette, as light and simple as it may look, it is a beautiful blend of Banarasi silk with two different weaves which include organza and exquisite Jamdani weave. A pop of bright floral tree design is adding a beautiful contrast to the neutral base of the saree and the golden border and pallu further add a decorative touch to the design. The woman has paired the saree with a green embroidered blouse, which shows how a simple saree can be converted to a more fancy and elaborate style. She has rounded off her ethnic Indian look with a green round bindi and alluring silver gold plated earrings. The magnetism in the simplicity of this woven saree is beyond words. It is a versatile choice for not just casual affairs but also for occasions like parties, puja and festivals when you want to keep it simple yet magnetic.
Organza Banarasi With Jamdani Weave Saree, Blouse in Silk With Embroidery Blouse - b

For all the ardent saree lovers, an Indian woven saree like an heirloom in their closet which retains its charm forever. Only a saree wearer knows what a beautifully handcrafted saree means! Indian women in USA who love to drape themselves in nine-yards and want to have their hands on every possible style of woven sarees from India, Pure Elegance Indian fashion store is the place you must give a visit once! We are proud to present an attractive collection of Indian handloom saree in USA. A whole range of stunning Banarasi sarees, Kanjeevaram silk sarees, Silk Sarees and many more are waiting for you on our shelves. To have a glimpse of our collection, you can browse through our website and if you like what you see, then you can also order online and we will be more than happy to deliver the product at your doorsteps!



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