The Old World Charm of Indian Handloom Sarees

The tale of nine yards is a long story of rich heritage, mesmerizing craftsmanship and sheer hard work of Indian artisans! Over the decades, the saree fashion has evolved immensely which brought many fusion styles, designer sarees and concept sarees to the forefront. While such styles are a massive favorite of young girls who love experimental fashion, the beauty and charm of our good old handloom sarees can never be beaten! The dwindling handloom industry is slowly picking up in India and all because of the efforts of textile Ministry and Indian designers. Sustainable fashion and handloom clothing are one of the most talked about topics today in India which has revived many old crafts and weaving forms. And these crafts are taking their best form in the form of handwoven saris!

Handloom Sarees

There is a feeling of belongingness, earthiness and old world charm in handwoven sarees difficult to put into words. Only an ardent saree wearer can understand what the beauty of a simple woven sari is. When we think of old world charm a definite vintage vibe of black and white pictures sweeps in! Indian women in their humbly woven silk and cotton sarees with traditional jewelry, a big round bindi, hair buns and almost no makeup look are a perfect example of a classic Indian beauty. If you want to have a feel of that old world charm then look back at the pictures of classic Bollywood beauties like Waheeda Rehman, Sharmila Tagore, Saira Bano and Nargis to name a few! Bringing you the same charm are these two quintessential young Indian women whose simple saree style is absolutely spellbinding. One is wearing a woven striped cotton saree in monochrome shades and the other one is a contrasting picture with a vibrant multicolored saree. Their styles are simple yet so striking with sarees draped casually which makes them look so effortless. Happy in their elegant drapes they both are reviving the classic style of Indian sarees with their charm. Both are wearing contrasting saree blouses which are adding an extra definition to their simple saree looks. Loose hair buns, round bindi, and traditional earrings make a perfect picture for that mesmerizing old world charm!

Handloom Saris with Saree Blouses

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