The Woman in a Banarasi

Women are naturally-cautious beings and it’s not very often you see them let their guard down. It takes a special confidence to get a woman to entirely relax and slip into the moment. What she wears goes a long way in giving her that confidence to be herself. Her clothing needs to be more than just that - it has to be the expression of her innate elegance and sophistication. It needs to sit on her like her very own skin - comfortable, yet unique; changeable yet irreplaceable. Women put in a lot of thought into what they wear, because what covers their bodies, sets free their souls.

The Banarasi saree understands the woman it drapes. It chooses the woman who will wear it and wear it with grace. It’s a symbol of tradition, yet infinite in its appeal to women across time. It’s a fabric that blends authority with a high note of femininity. The woman who wears a Banarasi saree cannot be labelled. Instead, she is universal and defies stereotype. Her personality comes through despite everything and the age of this ancient fabric is her enabler. The Banarasi woman looks behind and forward at the same time - she knows where she came from and is sure where she’s headed.

She is you. You are everything. And everything is beautiful.

Look no further than the limits of your own body and the limitless soul within you. Find what lifts you up, brightens your vision and gives you wings. You are the woman that’s born to own her world. So, own it looking resplendent. Your body is aware of you as much as you are aware of it. It needs to sense your inner confidence to be your vehicle of joy.

Beauty cannot be acquired. It can only be enhanced.

You are already beautiful. You are already enough.

Article By : Pure Elegance

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