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When a Silk Saree Meets Rich Indian Embroidery!

A silk saree is the most divine and attractive silhouette worn by an Indian woman. There is no Indian woman who can’t nail the style of a traditional silk sari. The saree in itself is enough to elevate the beauty of Indian women instantly. The magnificent drapes of silk are either handcrafted or machine-made but the handcrafted silk sarees always hold a superior place in the hearts of an ardent saree wearer. It is a tough grind to create a beautifully woven silk saree but apart from that it also needs skills and creativity of the artisans who spend day and night creating them. The most popular varieties of handloom silk saree in India include Kanchipuram sarees, Banarasi silk sarees, Matka silk sarees, Tussar silk saris, Patola silk saree to name a few. Lately, the designs of silk sarees are evolving with an inclusion of rich embroideries on traditional drapes. This style is in vogue because of the demand of the young generation and Indian designers’ urge to churn out new styles, making them a more versatile drape for every occasion.

Green Silk Saree with Tikki Embroidery

Have a look at one of the finest vision when a silk saree meets Indian embroidery! A beautiful Indian woman is at her best in a superbly created dark green embroidered silk saree. The saree is adorned with a captivating tikki work border and scattered buta adding brilliance to the rich silk fabric. The pink Banarasi taping gives a striking touch to the saree while peeking from underneath! The woman is extremely delighted to flaunt her Indian side with this rich cascading drape which brings two sides of Indian sarees together with rich silk fabric and exquisite embroidery. To match this extraordinary saree, it is paired with a pink Banarasi saree blouse which again brings out a stunning contrast to the saree. A little sparkle in the form of Indian jewelry is always better to enhance your traditional saree look, so she wore a pair of silver gold plated statement earrings for that extra shine! Keeping her hair open with a tiny bindi she added a distinctive touch to her Indian saree style. This look is absolutely versatile and is a perfect choice for a guest wedding look, a party or a festive occasion.

Green Silk Saree with Tikki Embroidery and Banarasi Blouse

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