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How to prep your skin and hair for Summer 2020


Holi is summer surely cannot be far behind. And yes, we know you are already getting nightmares about skin break outs, clogged pores, dull hair and sunburns.

Summer is a relief, but for those in hotter climes it can be a total bummer. Just when you begin to get excited about putting your best foot forward in lovely Indian Ethnic summer wear, comes the gnawing realization that your skin and hair will take most of the brunt of the harsh sun and heat.

But you know how they say...? Prevention is better than cure. Yes ! this is why we have the best skin and hair care tips for you to prevent your beauty from wilting in the summer this year. Just follow our advice and you will be all prepped up to step out and make the best of warm sunshine days !

Sun protection: Well, we know you already know this one, but be honest - how many times have you skipped sunblock simply in a hurry. 

Now remember, this is the number 1 rule of skin care in summer, to protect it from dust and heat and especially direct sunlight. The simplest thing to do is to avoid sun-damage by using a good sunscreen and adding a hat for extra precaution. Easy right ? Wearing Indian Ethnics, then don't worry. Simply throw a linen stole or dupatta over your head and it will prevent your skin from making direct contact with harsh sun and UV rays, preventing damage right in  where it tends to be most severe.

After care: When ever you step out into the heat, make sure to cleanse and tone your skin and hydrate it with any light moisturizer. If you have oily skin then go for aloe-vera based products which will keep your skin clear and remove tan.

Exfoliate: This is even more important in summer as burnt skin tends to stay on top of healthy fresh skin not allowing it to breathe. To make things worse it clogs your pores and that results in black and white heads. Make sure you exfoliate at least twice a week to keep your skin clean and breathing.

Hydrate : Hydrating your body is even more important in summer because you loose so much of your skin's suppleness because of dry heat that it can harden and darken your skin and reduce its elasticity. So make sure you remain well hydrated. This will also prevent your hair from too much dryness.


Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: Not only do fresh fruits and salads keep you healthy, they are devoid of excess sugar and fat which can cause break outs in summer. Eating raw fruits and salads will also keep your stomach healthy and in turn your skin and hair will remain free of toxins leading to fresh, healthy skin and hair.


Use a few and nature based products only: Avoid using a big number of harsh chemicals on your skin as they may also damage your skin. You can even make simple fruit packs packed with nature's goodness to boost your skin and hair care. Keeping your usage limited to a few products will be easier on your skin and will allow you to use them regularly and without breaks. A simple yet consistent approach is better than an erratic skin care regiment with a lot of expensive products.

So there you have it. These are easy ways to fortify your beauty against the summer gloom. Bloom away !

Images Courtesy: Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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