Men in sarees : When Bollywood's leading men donned the Indian Saree with élan


It is no secret that the traditional Indian saree is perhaps the most versatile and flattering garments we know. It flatters women universally irrespective of their height, build, complexion or hairstyle. It is also equally flattering worn in any style or drape, to any event.

In fact, it is even flattering when worn by men. Yes! You read that right.

Ok not exactly, flattering – but that has not stopped our Bollywood’s leading men from draping themselves in the 6 yard wonder every now and then.


Just look at Ayushmann Khurana’s most recent cinema outing with the film ‘Dream Girl’. The movie has been getting rave reviews for its rib-tickling, precise and insightful take about the life of a young man who finds career success by impersonating a female tele-caller at a call center catering to lonely male callers.

In fact, this is not the first time that the Indian saree has been worn by Bollywood’s leading men and carried with much élan. Perhaps you still do not believe us.

You will - once you take a look at our Bollywood A-list male stars who donned the saree to suit various plots in their movies and regaled us to no end in their drag avatars.


 Amitabh in Lawaris: Amitabh Bacchan needs no introduction as acting powerhouse and his hilarious outing to the song 'Mere angne mei' is still one of the best drag outings to date. The song is a funny narration of how men must appreciate wives with various physical characteristics, and Amitabh's turns as tall, dark and obese women as per the song still don't fail to make make us laugh variously in lehengas, sarees and salwar kurtas.


Kamal Hassan in Chachi 420: Talent par excellence - Kamal Hassan's debut directorial venture required its main lead to dress in drag for a sweet and sentimental reason - to remain in close proximity to his beloved young daughter at his estranged wife's home in the guise of a nanny. Though the film had its tear jerker moments, it was a finely crafted comedy of errors with Hassan winning all hearts for his endearing and sensitive portrayal of the sensible and resourceful Maharashtrian woman, Lakshmi. His impeccable turn in the Maharashtrian saree was elegant and refined too.


Govinda in Aunty No.1: The king of comedy was a riot of laughter in this pot-boiler. The need for the guise - to win the heart of his lady love. A passable watch, the movie was not meant for rave reviews, however it was a great success at its time as a well rounded entertainer. He donned rich silks and it mangal sutras for the perfect Indian wear look.


Mithun in Hum se na Takrana: An even more forgettable movie saw Mithun take a turn as a deserted lover to help break up an unwanted marriage proposal for his friend played by Bollywood veteran Darmendra. Not the performance of a lifetime, but a funny turn none the less featuring Mithun in a banarasi saree like a newlywed.


Shreyas Talpade in Paying Guest: A great performance by a brilliant actor in a forgettable film, perhaps Shreyas Talpade was the only watchable element in this 2009 release. The movie tickled the average cinemagoes for Talpade's rather convincing turn as a woman and he carried the chiffon Saree with great style and ease.

So, for anyone who had a doubt before, you can rest assured, the saree is for everyone.

You can wear it to dress up or guise up, it is all up to you... !

 Images: Pintrest


Article By : Bhavna R

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