Turn on the Neon : Bollywood stars show 5 ways to get Neon right with Indian Ethnic Wear



One of the most eye-catching fashion trends of 2019, literally, is the Neon trend.  Even though it is almost the end of summer, neon has shown its staying power for what was only predicted to be a spring palette.

It is not the first time that neon colors have made their debut. Having first made a splash in the 90's they have resurfaced now and then, but 2019 is truly the year of the neon revival.

When you come to think of it, neon is hard to resist. It is the perfect palette for the zeitgeist of our times. Ours is an era when modesty is a vice and no one wants to be charged guilty. It is a time when, if you don't exist on social media, you don't exist at all.

And "To be or not to be," that is not the question. It is simply a question of what to do to acquire your next million Instagram followers.

Not surprisingly then, neon is the color palette of the millennials - ideal for proudly proclaiming on the wearer's behalf -" Watch out World ! I am coming.", and fashion lovers have embraced it no matter what style they may favor.

From Kylie to Kareena, neons have swept off her feet every beauty worth her fans in millions on Instagram, Facebook and you name it.

From Neon green dresses to neon pink pants, from accessories to make up, Love me some Neon seems to be the motto of fashion makers and wearers alike.

So what's to stop Indian Ethnic lovers from making the best of this cool and arresting color palette ? Nothing, we say !

Here are 5 ways in which you may dip your toes into this trend with Indian Ethnics, depending on how deep your love for neon runs this season.


Bold and beautiful: A neon lehenga with beautifully detailed zaree work like Jhanvi Kapoor's pink ensemble is a timeless and bold choice. A bold neon lehenga will truly make heads turn when you walk in like a queen. It is ideal for a festive or celebratory occasion like a wedding.

Style tip: With a bright neon lehenga covered all over in heavy embroidery, pair delicate diamond jewelry and keep the makeup soft and let the exquisite outfit proclaim your entrance.

Saree not Sorry: If you are not feeling the majestic vibe of heavily embroidered neon lehengas, cool some frazzled nerves with a solid neon saree.  Wear an embroidered blouse to elevate the plain saree like Esha Gupta and make every curve count.

Style tip: With a plain neon saree you can add some matching plain bangles or a statement ethnic bracelet to one hand for a more coordinated look. Adding an ethnic coin belt to the ensemble will lend a more dressy, structured and polished look.


Monotone us NOT Monotonous: If you want to do away with a distinctly festive vibe, just a plain neon saree in a matching blouson style blouse and minimal jewelry will serve you right for an evening soiree, like Deepika Padukone's bright yellow saree. A monotone neon saree and blouse pairing in solid color is appropriate Indian wear that will easily see you through a dinner party or western dress code setting.

Style tip: Make sure to wear your hair back and keep the jewelry to a minimum with just one statement piece. Wear soft make up with muted shades to avoid seeming like work by Mark Rothko.


Fresh as a daisy: For a day when you are just chilling with your girlfriends or step out on a family picnic a neon sharara set with minimal floral embroidery is both refreshing and comfortable, offering cool comfort without sacrificing style, like Sara Ali Khan who certainly knows how to make the best of neon for a sunny day.

Style tip: It is your time to chill, so let your hair down and pair beaded Indian ethnic earrings and bangles with this fresh and comfy all neon outfit.

Nay neon or Slay Neon : If all-neon is not your thing and you are not sure you want to convert to this new fashion dharma of sorts, then we have another great tip for you. Pick one piece of neon clothing to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. You could choose to pair a neon top like Sara with a printed skirt or palazzos, or pick a neon blouse with a jewel colored silk saree. Either way, for taking baby steps into this bold trend you can even just add a coordinated neon dupatta or scarf to see how you feel about wearing this palette.

Style tip: If you don't want to go all out with neon , then pick coordinated prints and solids to pair with your neon. Ideally wear tan or nude bags and footwear to prevent the "too much is going on here" vibe in your outfit.


Less is more: Sometimes you don't have to wear a color trend from top to bottom to rock it. Pick one neon colored accessory like Alia Bhatt's neon green heels to make an otherwise subtle ensemble pop and let the jaws drop. Yummy trend, we say !

Style tip: If you decide to use neon as only an accent color then make sure to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories very minimal and subtle. Don't go matchy-matchy with a bunch of neon accessories and pick only one piece like footwear, jewelry, hand bag, belt or a scarf. Less is more, remember ?

So go ahead and dip your toes in this arresting palette with some accessories or mix and match pieces or go all in with an all neon ensemble. It doesn't seem to be in a hurry to be on the way out so make the most of it.


Images courtesy: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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