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Best Dressed Celebrities This Week on our Radar

Darkness never slumbers in B-Town because that’s where flashy shimmery and glitterati coterie celebrates with our paparazzi. Any guesses who made up to this list or not? Well, we can give a few hints! Read more to know who are the best dressed celebrities of this week here.

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The Big Fat Ambani Wedding: Lehenga Inspiration for Wedding Season

Luxurious, avant-garde, larger than king-size, Indian weddings are a huge celebration of familia reunion, extravagant feast and exotic setup. The glitterati celebrities came together to sensationalize the soiree and glorify in their designer haute couture ensembles with a touch of royal jewels. Check out the best dressed.

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7 Most Happening Holi Songs from Bollywood

Holi has time and again played a quintessential role in Bollywood. Right from influencing the foot tapping music to the uber-cool style inspired by the fashion icons on-screen, we're all set to get a Holi high. Check out some of the amazing tracks that you can groove on Holi.

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