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Turn on the Neon : Bollywood stars show 5 ways to get Neon right with Indian Ethnic Wear

It is not the first time that neon colors have made their debut. Having first made a splash in the 90's they have resurfaced now and then, but 2019 is truly the year of the neon revival... ...Here are 5 ways to dip your toes into this trend with Indian Ethnics, no matter how deep your love for neon runs this season.

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No one quite like her - Bollywood moms who rock Indian ethnic wear

Truly every mother should have celebrity status in the family. Isn't that what also usually happens when she steps out for a few hours or goes away on an official tour or makes a visit to her sibling's place for the weekend ? All hell breaks loose and life is reduced to chaos. ...let us take a page out of the life of these onscreen heroines and give it up for our mothers too ! 

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Alia Bhatt Recreates Magic with Indian Handloom during Kalank Promotions

Our very young, effervescent and zealous spirited Alia Bhatt is all set to release her much-awaited dramatic scripted Kalank. Critics claim that looks are very similar to that of Deepika Padukone while the audience has ranted on the social media for imitating Deepika’s beauty and fashion looks. Read more to know.

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Best Dressed Celebrities This Week on our Radar

Darkness never slumbers in B-Town because that’s where flashy shimmery and glitterati coterie celebrates with our paparazzi. Any guesses who made up to this list or not? Well, we can give a few hints! Read more to know who are the best dressed celebrities of this week here.

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