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5 Ethnic Indian wear styling tips to reduce years from your appearance now!


Dressing in Indian Ethic wear is one of the aspects of festive celebrations by Indians living overseas that they really look forward to. After all our traditional Indian garments like sarees, lehengas, salwar-kameezes and shararas are the threads that bind us to our ethnic heritage and embody our cultural roots, no matter how far we wander or settle down. We truly wear our identity and our uniqueness on our person in traditional Indian Ethnic wear.

However, sometimes we are so caught up in the grind of life that we forget to take a deep interest in our wardrobe and turn into creatures of habit, pun intended – creatures that live in their yoga pants and mom-jeans, because of the lazy comfort that these kinds of clothes provide us.

And we pay a dear cost for it too. Too often we become so accustomed to this way of dressing easy that soon easy turns into careless and careless becomes sloppy and before we know we start hovering closer and closer to becoming full time, dedicated fashion slobs, soon looking older, more tired and exhausted than we would actually want to.

It is not a situation anyone ever wants to be in. And if you know you are there in that fashion rut then definitely you don’t want to stay there forever. Of course, you want to get out of that mould and once again have the right coordinated clothing for the right occasion, that flatters you.

What better time to make your sartorial desires come true than the Indian festive season? It is the moment to live it up and for those afraid to dip their toes back into the sea of fashion choices this is a safe time to experiment with their look!

No one is going to judge you that hard in the days of festive chaos where everybody turn up in their finest threads and you can easily slip in some changes to flatter you without creating unwanted ripples.

As for how and what to do with your look to reduce years from your same old dreary look, we at Pure Elegance have got all the right information and tips – as always, we have your back. So, sit back with a cuppa and read through our awesome styling tips to reduce years from your Indian Ethnic wear look.

Short or well fitted sleeves:  Long sleeves with slouchy shoulders may be comfy but are certainly far from flattering. They add pounds to your look too. So go for either long well fitted sleeves to lengthen your arms, or pick short sleeves to cut the bulk from your torso. Try it on and see the difference.

Midi hems: Midi length hems only serve to cut your figure visually at the wrong proportions. Pick either short hems that graze your knees or find a floor length hem to give your figure vertical play. Anything that shortens your legs visually or ends awkwardly below your hip line is also likely to make you look bulky and heavy. For a leaner visual impact choose hems carefully.

Find your waist and cinch an inch above it: Worried that you have a few pounds around your waist and it will make you look bulky in that Anarkali you love. No worries, all empire line garments that cinch around you at least an inch above your natural waist will lend you a leaner look, because that is usually the leanest part of the torso. Don’t believe us – try it for yourself!

Scarves and waistcoats vs Dupattas: Instead of adding bulk to your Indian wear like salwar kameezzes and sharara sets with dupattas, pair them with high cut waistcoats if you must. The waist coast will add structure to your frame, hide the bulk on top and accentuate the slimmest portion of your torso. And hell yeah! It is a style to die for!

V Necks: V necks are the simplest, easiest way to appear lean and to lead the eye towards your slimmest portion, your waist. The V neck acts like arrow leading towards the slim waist rather than attracting attention to the heavier portions.

 So, that seems doable right. We know, it may be hard to imagine yourself in a totally new look and this is why what we have shared with you are easy changes which will not be obvious, but their impact sure will.

Try them out and let us know in the comments, how it goes!

Go get your freak on girls!

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Article By : Bhavna R

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