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5 trendy draping styles for your festive Indian saree in the 2019 festive season:



"I don’t want to know how to drape my saree in a cool new way." – said no one ever.

When it comes to wearing sarees in the festive season, every Indian woman loves to try something new. Especially if you are one of those who wears a saree everyday to work or even at home, on a festive occasion you certainly want to refresh your look and wear a festive saree in a special way to look different and trendy.

However, most of us know only a handful of regular ways to wear the saree – the pally to the back, the pallu to the front and then perhaps the style which may be original to our own community say, the Gujrati style, the Marathi style and so on.

However with so many new drapes in vogue today, it is not hard to pick a new style and give a new spin to this traditional 6 yard wonder. All you have to do is to have a look in mind and get down to practicing it a few times till you are an expert on getting the drape right on D-day.

Oh, and don’t you worry about where to learn new drapes. We at Pure Elegance have 5 trendy draping styles for your festive Indian saree in the 2019 festive season.

Did you just exclaim- “Say no more!”?... well yeah! Let us get started.

The Dhoti style: As the name suggests this style is draped with the botto, half draped as a dhoti or a pre-stitched dhoti style garment worn as a bottom. This is a cool day look ideal for festive brunches and very comfortable if you are going to be traveling between venues all day.

The Belted saree: The belted style is ideal for an evening look as it is more structured and formal. This is simply done by draping the saree closely and adding a matching belt to the midriff to keep the pallu in place. You can also use a traditional silver belt to make the most of this style. Pick  a net saree to polish this look.


The Scarf palla: This is a good style for daily wear and even on a festive occasion if you want to flaunt a particulary beautifully embroidered pallu saree. With this look you will be best dressed and most noticed.


 The Saree with pants: Sarees with pants are edgy, comfy and unmistakably daring. Wear this look when you want to impress at a multicultural venue with lots of different styles in the competition - you can be sure to still be the winner. Pick a resplendent kanjivaram for this look.


The Saree with lehenga: The Saree with lehenga look is not a novel concept by any means. You could see the reflection of the Half-saree in this outfit. However when coordinated well, a beautiful saree and a lehenga can be combined to give this Indian Cinderella look to any woman. A look especially recommended for a bride to be - this will make her appear more feminine and dolled up. Now isn't that what every girl wants on her wedding?

Article By : Bhavna R

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