Are you making these 5 grooming mistakes with your Indian Ethnic outfits ? - 5 essential grooming tips for Indian Ethnic wearers

There is no doubt that Indian Ethnic wear is one of the most aesthetically pleasing styles of clothing. In fact there is an aspect of Indian Ethnic women's wear that has been globally acknowledged and appreciated. It is about how Indian Ethnic wear is perfect when it comes to flattering the natural shape of women no matter what height, size, color or physical attributes they may have.

In fact, it is no secret that Indian Ethnic wear like sarees, lehengas and kurtas allow women plenty of room to customize and wear to accentuate their best features and cover up what they are not happy flaunting.

You could dress up absolutely demurely in a saree and leave your blouse baring just your back in a stunning show of bold beauty. Or your could drape a saree to reveal nothing but your lovely waist. Whatever be your best feature, you can always find a way to cover up or flaunt, as you please.

However, when it comes to flaunting any of your features, it is always important to be well groomed. It does no favors to a beautiful Indian woman wearing an eye catching Indian Ethnic outfit if she is not well groomed.

There may have been a few times we all have made these grooming mistakes either in a hurry or simply because we didn't realize what was needed to be done.

So, let Pure Elegance run you through a quick check list with the best tips to groom yourself to readiness for flaunting your unique physical features while you deck up in a lovely Indian Ethnic outfit.


Backless: Take a tip from Deepika Padukone's backless blouse styling in this outfit. Backless blouses are an easy way to flaunt some skin without appearing OTT. You could opt for a low back or a choli style and make a sizzling cut to your otherwise demure outfit.

Be it a Kurta or a saree blouse, to flaunt a backless style make sure to exfoliate your back and get smooth skin. Not only will you flaunt it with more aplomb, some sweet attention to your back will also reinvigorate your blood supply to the face and add glow to your skin.

Strapless: Kangana Ranaut looks super vintage and definately sultry in this saree paired with a strapless Corset style blouse. Note how the saree is otherwise covering up all her curves, and simply keeping the focus on one delicate feature - her arms and her shoulder.

When going for a bare shoulder look,you can avoid strap marks to keep them from breaking up the elegance of your strapless neckline. Add a choker for extra effect.

Sleeveless: Parineeti Chopra's black net saree is a lovely subtle number well accompanied by her black plunging, sleeveless blouse. Tone and moisturize your arms and make sure you get rid of dead skin on your elbows to keep the attention on your lissome arms and not on the need for exfoliation.

Low waist: Tara Sutaria is one hot stunner and she is never afraid to flaunt her curves. When you choose to drape your saree pallu low accentuating your waist, make sure you have your petticoat tied comfortable and not too tight to avoid creating bulk in the saree which may end up looking frumpy.

You can also pin the pallu in the middle of your midriff to make sure it stays in place.

High hems: When you see Tara Sutaria in these high hem pants it is hard to miss her dainty ankles. A higher hem displaying the ankles is both trendy and has a slimming effect on the wearer. Do make sure to moisturize and exfoliate your feet as they are about to get a lot of attention with this one.

So, next time you make an outing in one of these outfits you just what you have to do in order to appear not just well dressed, but well groomed too.

Let us know what other tips you have for the Pure Elegance community in the comments below - Have a lovely outing !





Images courtesy: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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