Baby needs new shoes : How to pick the perfect Jutti for your Indian Ethnic wear


Jutis have been popular and quite common footwear in North India for centuries. It is believed that they were first introduced into Indian wear by Mughals, namely emperor Jehangir, whose boyhood name was Salim. Hence juttis are stil known in some parts of the Indian subcontinent as 'Salim shahis'.


Traditionally jutis were made of vegetable dyed leather. It is believed that it took several artisans to make a pair of juti to work at different steps of the juti's making process from obtaining and dyeing and preparing leather, then cutting it into the correct shape and size, followed by crafting the intended embellishments including silver or gold thread embroidery or appliqué, sowing semi-precious or even precious stones and so on. The final step is to join the upper of the juti with strong cotton thread to the sole which is also a thicker sturdier leather.

The juti was a popular shoe style for both men and women in most of North India but gradually it was significantly replaced by other, especially western shoe styles as people adopted western apparel and also factory made western style shoes became affordable and abundant.

While the craze for the juti did not completely vanish, it became limited to ethnic Indian outfits and festive occasions like weddings and festivals.


However with time the traditional juti has acquired new avatars. It has been rediscovered like never before and reinvented into a trendy and variable style that flatters all sorts of outfits and occasions. You can now get jutis which are hand-painted, printed, matched with a purse, embellished with western elements like taffeta frills and the list is endless. There is even the hybrid cousin of the juti - the oxford juti with oxford shoe style laces and more.

All these style innovations have definitely breathed a new life into the juti fashion trends.

Jutis are now in fact more popular than ever before having become available in styles that flatter outfits in the latest trends. You would find them paired with jeans, casual trousers and even western dresses. However they are even more flattering when paired with Indian Ethnic wear.

With a number of styles, colors and embellishments available why not skip the western strappy sandals and heeled pumps and just complete your outfit with these beautiful handmade juttis, crafted with the finest materials and artisanal finesse. We know you are going to have a hard time deciding from among a range of pretty options to pick from, so go on, find out how to best pick a jutti to suit your Indian Ethnic outfit without much ado -



Festive Saree : When pairing a festive saree with a jutti you can coordinate the colors in different ways. You can choose to wear contrasting juttis with a similarly colored ethnic purse like a potli, or you can choose to go monochrome with matching silver or golf embroidered juttis. In any case, since sarees usually cover the feet make sure your jutti is in a striking color like metallics or even neons, so that those few glimpses of your jutti are unmistakable.


Bridal Lehenga : If the jutti is meant to be worn with a bridal ensemble then you should pick something bold, over the top and richly embellished to match the embellishments on the lehenga. You can pick a jewel encrusted juti to match your jewellery or a red velvet juti in matching shades of red, decorated with fine gold thread embroidery.


Dressy Dhoti: Dhoti pants with flared kutchi tops are quite in at the moment and we love this one on Sara Ali Khan in all matching pastel monochrome look. Appropriate for a summer festive event.

Stylish Shararas: Shararas have evolved and from the traditional gold and silver embroidered Shararas. You can move onto pick a floral Shararas with a floral printed or embroidered juti. There is even a ruffled juti style available these days to match your mood when it is ultra playful.

Casual Kurtas: When pairing Kurtas with churidars, jeans or a palazzo you can either go for a simple juti or go all out and pick something matchy in denim if your want to highlight your jeans and white kurta ensemble.

What is your jutti style ? Beaded, embroidered, floral, hand painted and more... .  Either way, you are bound to raise the cool quotient of your outfit by pairing it with a modern style jutti while just running errands.

Images courtesy : Pintrest

Article By : Bhavna R

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