Diwali Jewel Book: Latest Designs and Trends for Festive Gala

Light up your hearts and up your ante with dazzling bijoux this Diwali as you splurge and adorn the beauty of radiating gems to ace the look. The market is flooded with fashion jewelry that will surely skip your heart away, however, investing in designer costume jewelry is a long-term gain. We have a range of beautiful Amarpali jewelry designs in a myriad of cuts and seamless hues to melt your heart in an instant. We have got you covered for a series of Diwali parties and bash that will follow suit right from your office get-together to cards soiree and Diwali Laxmi Puja. We know how integral and indispensable jewelry is for every Indian traditional festival and event which is why we have carefully curated an exotic concoction of fancy jewelry. Sparkle and shine in intricately designed gold polished sterling silver jewelry and add a dash of highbrow charm.


Cards Soiree

Spread the party on the table because Diwali is indeed so incomplete without a splash of fun and money runs. It’s time to deck up classy and put forth a visually aesthetic appeal, embrace the goodness of quirky Indo-Western outfits or just play it classic with well-tailored ensembles. But don’t forget to enhance your feminine charm and put a cherry of Chic with vintage statement pieces or just go with art deco style pieces. Pearls and chandelier earrings will totally steal the spotlight while metallic rungs with enamel details will further your fashionable cult.


Office Gala Party

Working women spend more than half of their lives at their workplace and office becomes a new mecca for the millennial ambitious women clad. How about putting up a glamorous yet elegant and thoughtful jewelry piece to accentuate your festive look and doesn’t make you look sluggish. Don classy modern trends of jewelry like brass, silver, pearls, or even the minimalistic jewels. Strike a charismatic character as you slip into a bold brass choker or just stack a few midi rings for a professional yet chic look. If elegance is your first name, then go with the safe bracelet.


Laxmi Puja

Doll up pretty and unleash the authentic traditional Indian woman in you with the nine yards of formidable drape. Temple gold jewelry or precious stone encrusted jewelry are mostly preferred in Indian households. However, young unmarried girls may just play around with a mix of fashion jewelry and hop around in comfortable Indian wear. Modern women have a hang of dressing 101, so just pick up the baubles from House of Amrapali to add oodles of grace and timeless elegance.


Family Hour


Festivities are a beautiful and mesmerizing time to bring and brew together a fun and hearty time with family and close friends. While the entire year, we’re often bogged down with work and priorities, Diwali is an amazing festive spree that invites the goodness of people to celebrate their differences together. So, why not jazz up your look a tad bit glam to steal those side glances and let them stare at you for hours. We have a wide array of such haute jewelry that will not hurt your pocket and stay close to you forever.


Extravagant Gifts

Don’t you want to bring a wide smile to your peer’s face with a gift that would instantly brighten up their mood? We got you covered with our exquisitely crafted designer costume jewelry intricately carved and assembled to exude a flair of feminity, modernity and subtle royalty. Luxe jewels handcrafted to resonate an air of the glorious yesteryears is here to melt your heart away.

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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