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Easy Breezy hairdo's : How to elevate a regular hair-do into a festival ready look for Indian Ethnics Wear.

One of the hardest things when dressing up in ethnic wear is picking a hair style to go with a festive outfit. In addition managing all the arrangements for the festivities or celebration, there are a thousand details to be taken care of. Imagine you are hosting and things are even more rushed and even though you may think that your outfit is taken care of with the right accessories, only when you begin to dress and finish your make up you realize that you have no idea just what to do with your hair.

What a let down !

There is no time and money to be wasted on an expensive hairstylist. And you have to settle down for either leaving your hair untied like you usually do or make a boring bun or plait and leave it at that.

It doesn't have to be that way. While it usually does take an expertise, time and even money to get a perfect hairdo for a special occasion to elevate your outfit, with a little forethought, you can make your hairdo rock with no help or expenses at all. And if you save money, time and effort on it, all the better, right ?

So here you go, here are 5 ways to elevate your everyday easy hairdo's to compliment your Indian Ethnic outfits and that you can create in a jiffy, without breaking the bank too.


Messy hair don't care: You might think this is too simple but when you look at the final result you will be surprised how the regular neat pony can turn into a softer feminine look when you tie it low at the nape. Secure with a velvet band or velvet ribbon and keep it loose enough to frame your face softening your jaw line. Tease out a few wisps of hair and curl them away from your face and you have a gamine like look to go with your delicate chiffon sarees and floral Ghararas and Shararas. Perfect for a day look or a small celebration like a family get together.


Bejweled beauty: Another great way to dress up your hair without putting in too much effort is to add a maang tika to a simple bun or plait. You could pick a minimal maang tika or pick a statement maang tika, depending on the look you are going after.


Say it with flowers: There is nothing like adding a fresh bud to your simple low or high bun, plait or even untied hair. It immediately dresses up any outfit and you can go for sturdy flowers like roses in matching colors or unconventional choices like orchids. Though it may be a bit of work to find a jasmine veni or gajra for everyone, nothing says beautiful Indian belle like one of those fragrant garlands typical to Indian women.


You can also add a profusion of matched or mixed flowers to decorate your hair if you are opting for a more extravagantly dressy look.

Pin it on: Another option is to pin your simple regular hair do with fabricated floral pins in fabric metal or mesh. They are neither expensive like jewelry nor wilt like fresh flowers. They are also easier to re-use and obtain and store days before the event. You can pick them in metallics like silver or gold or fabrics like colored satin and lace. There are many color options too.


Making waves already: For a simple evening look with a fusion look you can opt for side swept  hair and pin it up to stay in place. If you like you can add waves, flowers, curls or bangs and this will hardly take any time on the D-day.

So here are some ideas to get you started. You can experiment with your look and find more ways to dress up a regular hairdo. On days when you are pressed for time and n elaborate hairdo is not possible these looks will elevate the look of your Indian outfit without the investment of too much time, money and effort , so that you can enjoy the event without any fuss, in your tastefully picked Indian Ethnic outfit.


 Images courtesy: Pintrest.

Article By : Bhavna R

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