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Enduring Beauty : Must have sarees for your collection of timeless classics.



Do you remember which is the oldest piece of clothing you own ?

Perhaps it is your wedding saree.

Or wait... is it that kurta you bought with your first salary ?

Maybe it is that dupatta that you just had to buy with a whole month's allowance because your favourite actress from your teen years rocked it in a movie.

Whichever piece that may be, sometimes the joy we find in wearing a piece of clothing owned for years can be more than the joy from flaunting the trendiest cuts and silhouettes.

Perhaps that is also the reason why no matter how trendy the latest saree gown may be, we cannot resist the temptation of buying a timeless Kanjivaram.

"It is more than a purchase,", we say, "it is an investment."

And that is also true of all of Indian ethnic wear. Some styles, some garments just never go out of fashion. In fact Indian ethnic wear has never been 'in' or 'out' from season to season.

While the rest of the world is only waking up to the perils of 'fast fashion', the rigour of  Indian ethnic wear's aesthetic and ethic has stood the test of time.

Indian ethnic couture has always consisted of timeless classics that have refused to fade from our memory and from demand, no matter what the couturiers in Paris, London or Milan might dictate.

Of course if anything, western designers have borrowed heavily from our rich array of textiles, colours, crafts and workmanship.

No wonder then that nearly every Indian woman has a long list of such timeless classics that she wishes to own.

And if you are not yet sure of your list, look no further.

We bring you 5  Indian must have classic sarees which defy the passage of time. Make space for them in your closet ladies, because they are here to stay:




Kanjivaram from Tamilnadu: A bride's trousseau is never complete without this finely crafted silk saree from Kanchipuram village near Bangalore. The pallu, the zaree border and the body of the saree are crafted separately and woven together when the work is done. These sarees have extremely fine quality silk of numerous colours used to craft one saree. The vibrant hues are complemented by beautiful zaree motifs including medieval  temples, palaces and paintings.






Kalamkari from Andhrapradesh: Litrally meaning pen work, Kalamkari designs are typically made by the artist using a freehand pen to draw patterns on the fabric and then fill it up with colours also all done by hand. Vegetable dyes are used in the making of traditional kalamkari and the typical motifs depicting birds, fauna and characters from the Indian epics are prized for their artistic value as much for the comfort of the fine cotton they are made of.





Kasavu sarees from Kerala: This needs no introduction and in fact is a staple by among Indian women not just in Kerala, but all parts of the world for its pristine white cotton freshness and elegant zaree borders and pallu designs.  It has been embraced by women of all regions for its elegant and classic appeal. A definite must have for women of all ages.




Pochampally Ikat from Telangana: The Pochampally Ikat saree made from silk or cotton is another status marker for the genuine saree aficionado. The astounding process of making an Ikat weave begins by dying the thread according to the design in mind and ends with a beautiful fabric weaved to perfection on a traditional loom. Whether you pick one in silk or cotton, an Ikat saree presents you in good taste and style year after year without seeming old.




Chikan from Uttar Pradesh: Another all time favourite that women can never have enough of is the Lucknawi Chikan saree known for its gossamer cotton pastel base and painstaking hand embroidery of motifs including fauna and geometric patterns done in more than 30 different stitch types. The Chikan saree is to the Indian woman what the sundress is to the Americans - a delightful summer indulgence.


This is just a selection of the long list of timeless pieces that Indian ethnic couture has to offer, but it is a great place to begin your collection of an enduring connection with all things beautiful.


 Images courtesy : 1. Pintrest 2-6.


Article By : Bhavna R

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