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Evolution in Ethnic Ensembles

Everything without innovation looks plain pale and monotonous, so is the thing with fashion. The versatile and classic pieces hanging in your wardrobe have over the period of time, have undergone several drastic changes in aesthetic appeal, styling, cuts, embroidery and even the type of silhouette. If this sounds alien to you, just take a look at your lehenga about 5 years ago and compare it with the modern lehenga designed to suit the changing needs of woman today, you will answer our question. Fashion fad comes and goes away, but what stays is the ethnic innovations that play a crucial role in changing the taste and trend of the times. Ethnic attires when blend with the western couture resonates the innately traditional spirit with a dollop of the contemporary touch. With celebrities endorsing the latest designer ethnic innovations with full panache and élan, women are naturally attracted and therefore, embrace the trends.

From mermaid lehenga trend to parallel salwar suits, anarkali making a major comeback and 90’s eventually falling in the lap of every fashion aficionado, our current wardrobe is greatly influenced from the blast of the past. All thanks to the good old’ crop tops, high waisted denim, layered accessories, chokers et al, we just totally love all things grunge. But hey, did you notice the fun and chic innovations in ethnic attires, if not, let us give you a flashback. Come, take a look at our favorite ethnic innovations that have evolved so beautifully harmonizing with the needs of modern women today.

Crop Top with Saree

Because blouses are just too passé! And when your closet is flooding with all things 90’s, why not pair your gorgeous nine yards of beauty with crop tops and unleash the non-conformist rebel in you. A perfect go-to option for every working woman or festive occasions, crop top never hurts. What began as a statement striped crop top trend with cascading silk saree at a leading Indian fashion show, turned into a major fashion head-turner. With celebrities roping in the trend with equal comfort and ease, girls just got an excuse to flaunt their mom’s saree at another party. So, now you know, how to cook that perfect cocktail look with a hot halter neck crop top and a graceful saree to amp up your wow factor. Don’t just stick to crop tops, you can also go for sleeveless shirts, scoop neck T-shits or even plain tops in case your saree is heavy on embroidery.

Layered Lehenga

All thanks to Deepika Padukone for swirling gleefully in the layered lehengas in her movie Ram Leela. Not just she promoted the breath-taking Chandbalis or Afghani earrings, but the layered lehengas garnered immense attention and got a heads up from the fashion fraternity as well. These lehengas, unlike, the original ones have pleats and gathered at the waist. Embellished with gotta pati work, zari embroidery, comes in several styles like Chikankari from UP, Phulkari from Punjab etc. The practice of stitching a number of layers underneath the lehenga to add volume and enhance the swirling effect is what makes these layered lehengas so versatile and graceful especially when you head over to the dance floor.

Half Half Saree

Heard or overheard? Saw them, gaped in awe? Well, these designer half half sarees are making women go weak in their knees. These drool-worthy sarees featuring a different print on the pleats and fall in contrast to the pallu which makes them quite unique and intriguing. Look for something statement-worthy like sheer net in the falling pleats and solid silks on the cascading pallu drape to steal the spotlight effortlessly. Pair dazzling accessories and finish your look with a million-dollar smile.

Double Drape Saree

This unconventional and voluminous way of draping a saree is indeed very unique and innovative. The style which has been developed by the Indian fashion designer, activist and politician Shaina N.C. is quite trending amongst the brides, fashion enthusiasts, and several other celebrities. It involves draping of two sarees, while one is worn from the right side with a pallu falling on the left side in the front, the other one is draped from the back and the pallu falls on the right side. The former is a conventional way of draping a saree, however, the latter involves a bit of technique. The overall look is avant-garde and makes up for quite a mesmerizing inspiration.

Floor Length Anarkali

What began in Mughal-E-Azam has totally taken a backseat, with Madhubala gracing the heavy flair, swoon-worthy Anarkali kurtas in the legendary movie have now turned into floor-sweeping gowns. Anarakalis are the new gowns, ladies! Flaunting your hourglass tall and composed portrait in a picture-perfect traditional embellished Anarkali suit will suffice your wedding need. Just add a few carnations and gajra to your bun, adorn statement danglers and voila, you’re set to own the stage.

Saree with Jeans or Trousers


All you lovely bridesmaids out there, try something different and add a bit of sparkle to your outfit as you go unconventional and bohemian with saree on jeans. Comfortable and fashionable, jeans will accentuate your voluptuous curves and give you the comfort that petticoats fail to provide. Denims are just too easy to live in, blame it on them, maybe. So, head over to the cocktail soiree of your BFF wedding events and slay in your saree jeans.

Capes with everything!

You don’t have to be Superwoman to get a cape now. It’s in vogue already. Capes have replaced the essence of wearing sheer delicate dupattas enamored with the feminine chic appeal. Cape blouses with sarees are the “it” thing and you can’t afford to miss them, read Sonam Kapoor. Get your tailor-made and add a touch of signature style element to up your style quotient.

Bell Sleeves

90’s comeback has hit us hard and bell sleeves are again stocked up in the shelves. Blouses with bell sleeves add oodles of drama and charm to your otherwise regular and plain saree, lehenga or even maxi skirt. Play along with the beats of peasants’ melodies to dwell into the gorgeous flared style sleeves. These visually appealing blouses are a great option for women with heavy arms, ditch the sleeveless and embrace bells to hide the unwanted skin show.

Image Courtesy: 2. Look Good, 4. Bollywood Shaadis; Featured Image: Indian Express

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