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Fashion Trends Forecast at Cannes Runway 2018


With another year of the much-coveted film festival taking place at the hub of fashion, music, entertainment besides the French Riviera river, Cannes Red Carpet is always a sight to behold. Followed by the Cannes Fashion Week during Global Short Films Awards Ceremony, the runway unfolding latest trends, unique designs, colors and offering us a gamut of fashion inspiration to steal from. Here, we’re with a plethora of trend forecast for Cannes 2018 runway. Brace yourselves folks!


What’s pretty and not floral this season or earlier? Everything retro is coming back and how! Summers were about pastel florals, winters will largely witness dark and gothic floral patterns. In any case, if you’ve any floral bomber, denim, shirt or accessory, you’re winning!

Dramatic Sleeves

Anything which will accentuate your arms, shoulders or your overall look is quite a rage this season. Don’t shy away from experimenting with bell sleeves, flannel sleeves or puff sleeves. We’re so looking forward to more such interesting sleeve trends this year that has continued from last year itself.

Fringe Fiesta

Fringes are one of the most understated yet glamorous trends following the footsteps of royalty. They add a subtle poetic twist to your outfit and spells a cast to your overlook look with their statement-worthy details. So, next time when you see fringes, invest in them!

Cape It Right

You can never go wrong in chic and causal cape blouses that lend an effortless cool to your look. Bollywood divas are often spotted in cape blouses, Sonam Kapoor donned a caplet blouse at her Cannes Red Carpet appearance. Capes with dresses, kurtas and tops look equally astonishing.

Swinging Sixties

What’s better than a come-back of a decade! Expect everything flashy, vibrant, fun, colourful and quirky because sixties were all about the free-spirited souls. Experiment with your wardrobe’s basics and try to pull out something fun and chic for Cannes Fashion Week 2018.

Sequins Rule the Runway

We’re getting an air of nostalgia the moment sequins are talked about The vintage clubbing trend has paved a way for fashionistas to flaunt their gorgeous self. Elements of sparkling, scintillating pieces in your ensembles with a hint of earthy and muted tones is just perfect for this party season.

Hologram High

Strutting the runway this season, holograms are so in vogue. Ultra-reflective and high shine materials, hologram accent will add oodles of high fashion quotient to your look. Set the futuristic look this 2018 and embrace the dazzling trends.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Art meets peasant-style textures and prints juxtaposed in patchwork to create a luxe nomad look. Think of mismatches sartorial style, think of mix and match revival. This season, go hippie or go home.

Checks for Days

If there’s one trend we can wear all our life, it’s undoubtedly the checks. The retro patterns always hit the right note and give a sense of easy fashion. However, expect a splash of colors on your checks and ditch the monochrome flannel pattern if you own some. Invest in mad color block checkered details to stand out.

Here’s what we think of the most-awaited fashion trends to be seen this year at the Cannes Fashion Show, are you excited to explore them?

Image Courtesy: 3. Hauterfly, 4. Vogue, 6. Threads WerIndia, 7. Elle

Article By : Pure Elegance

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