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Forecast 101: Bridal Lehenga Trends in 2019

Image Courtesy: Voylla

Just like any other year, bridal trends of 2018 were nothing less than remarkable witnessing the starry celebrity weddings followed by treasure trove of latest lehenga trends. From glittery sequins to bright brocades, exotic hues and storytelling canvas of art, such aesthetically pleasing lehengas had their moment in 2018 which we would love to see more of in the consequent year’19. While our B-Town divas personified elegance in red as brides, resurrecting the beauty in classic traditional hues. Here are some of the lehenga trends which are ought to repeat and make history in 2019:

Color Case


The world is waiting to unveil the astonishing bridal color trend for 2019, while we are totally vouching on a lethal combination of pink and red to raid over the bridal lehenga hub, couturiers and stylists are also betting their gut feeling on this exotic vibrancy. All because red and pinks were huge throughout 2018 as brides largely embraced this unusual color palette and garnered attention on the net for this oh so unconventional blending. Brides will be seen draped in this lavish color and there’s no second thought about it. Take Deepika Padukone for instance, on her wedding day, she wore a deep red and gold lehenga during Sindhi nuptials with pink accents. Do we need any more reasons?

Belt It Up

Whoever thought belting their lehenga will do the trick perhaps got the underlying message of accentuating their figure line and focussing on right parts just too well. We can’t agree much here because belted lehenga skirts are oh so sexy, plummeting charm and bringing a structured approach to your bridal look, why not invest in a gorgeous belt to cinch your waist and enhance your appealing body in the most visually appealing way. Here are some ways in which you can elevate your belted look.

The Grey Matter

Some brides always have an air of mystery about them, and they are often spotted in the most contemporary outfits bringing daisy fresh, blossomed looks on the table. Just like Bollywood actress Sagarika Ghatke who got married to former spinner and Indian cricketer Zahir Khan, she wore a stunning grey metallic hued lehenga on one of the reception events post marriage and turned heads. Such a rich plush and suave hue to carry around with much-coveted appeal, you can’t get wrong in grey!

Metallic Muse


When sheer, florals and pastels are raining, bold and bewitching brides are still on a lookout for something more fascinating to their eyes. Because you gotta stand out in the crowd, right? How about indulging on metallic fervour, with mesh and foliage of silver and gold adorning the twirl of your lehenga channelling your inner Rihanna, 2019 brides got to be futuristic. With 3-D printing becoming the new craze the new rage, we’re sure brides in 2030 shall be designing their own bridal attires, while for now, let’s stay close to our favorite couturiers.

Tale of Romance


2018 also witnessed yet another interesting trend of sporting the most important dates, love stories, and lovers’ names’ etched in the cascading drapery of bride’s outfit. Priyanka Chopra had it all embroidered on her elaborately tailored white bridal gown designed by spectacular Ralph Lauren. We would love to watch brides-to-be creating their personalized bridal attires with such heart-warming tales etched on their ensembles and stepping down the aisle wearing these breath-taking creations. Isn’t that so fairy-like?

Feminine Much?


Brides crave for all the attention of their D-Day and unleashing the feminine funky side is no brainer! While pastels and florals have occupied a large majority of bridal conviction and their heart somewhere belongs in the faraway dreamy land, pastels will have their moment yet again in 2019 while floral embroidery will follow suit because it can’t get any cheesier than that.

Sequins? Yes Please!

Falling confetti is always a great idea and so are the sequins and bugle beads embedded on the bridal outfits to enhance the glamour quotient and steal the spotlight effortlessly. Twirling in glittering and shimmering sequins is not just a planner to-do lister, but it should be captured in your memorable wedding album as well. So, no matter what you’re investing in, sequins should certainly be on your hot list.

Article By : Ambika Asthana

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